The ranger is a hunter and a woodsman. He is skilled with weapons and is knowledgeable in tracking and woodcraft. The ranger often protects and guides lost travelers and honest peasant-folk. A ranger needs to be strong and wise in the ways of nature to live a full life. Special Abilities: Weapon Specialization, Racial Enemy Stealth, charm person/mammal

Restrictions: Human Elf or Half-Elf only must be of Good alignment ARCHER (Ranger Kit)

The archer is the epitome of skill with the bow. He is the ultimate marksman, able to make almost any shot, no matter how difficult. To become so skilled with the bow, the archer has had to sacrifice some of his proficiency with melee weapons and armor.

Special Abilities: Bonuses when using missile weapons. Called shots.

Restrictions: Cannot wear metal armor. Can only be proficient in melee weapons.

STALKER (Ranger Kit)

Stalkers serve as covert intelligence-gatherers, comfortable in both wilderness and urban settings. They are the spies, informants and interrogators and their mastery of stealth makes them deadly opponents. Special Abilities: Can backstab like a thief. Has access to a small amount of mage spells.

Restrictions: Cannot wear armor greater that studded leather. BEAST MASTER (Ranger Kit)

This ranger is a wanderer and is not comfortable in civilized lands. He maintains a natural affinity for animals; they are his friends and comrades-in-arms, and the Beast Master has a limited form of telepathic communication with them.

Special Abilities: Can summon natural animals to his aid. Restrictions: Cannot use metal weapons.

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