Rclick Information Cancel Actions and Formation Movement control

  • On a portrait: Brings up that characters Inventory Screen.
  • On an item or spell on main game area: Brings up the appropriate Item or Spell properties screen.
  • Cancels current actions - cancels attacks or spell casting. (Also: Esc key)
  • On a monster or non-player character (NPC) or after clicking on a selected character: Plays selection sound for that character or monster. (Often humorous)
  • On terrain - selected character walks there in formation mode (R click and hold, and drag, rotates the formation if more than one character is selected).
  • On Quick Weapons, Quick Spells, Quick Items, and Group Formations slots: Allows for the configuration of the slot type. After R-clicking, the current options for that quick slot will appear. You can then select one for the slot by L-clicking on it.
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