Right Menu Buttons

Select all: Selects or unselects all six characters

AI on/off: This turns the AI on/off for a given character or number of characters. This will mean that characters with AI turned off will not react to anything in the environment unless manually controlled. They will not move or otherwise do anything unless dictated by their unmodifiable section of script

(the portion that players are unable to change, representing the personality of that character).

Character portraits: The character portraits select that character if L-clicked upon; if R-clicked upon they bring up the inventory page for that character. You can reorganize your party order by changing how the character portraits are organized. To do this, you simply left click and hold on one of the party portraits. You may now drag the portrait to the desired position.

Note on Character Portraits: Damage to the character is represented on the character portrait as a red bar (i. e. the portion of the portrait that is the normal color is the portion of hit points still remaining to the character). If you move your cursor over the portrait of a character, the hit point total and the name of that character will appear. Character portraits will also display status icons (if your character is Charmed, Held, etc. ) as well as the level-up icon if one of your characters can level-up.

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