Saemon Havarian

(SAY-mon hah-VARE-ee-an) Saemon Havarian (Neutral, human male, swashbuckler/mage 12th/14th level) is an infamous corsair who plies the trading lanes of the Sea of Swords and the Pirate Isles. Tales of his deeds range from the mischievous to the nefarious, from the completely outlandish to the adventurous and daring. The only common thread amongst these stories is that Saemon's past is largely unknown, he values his own skin above all other things and that his fortune has waxed and waned dramatically with each passing season. Saemon often takes work where he can find it (and his skills as a seaman are well sought-after) and has a distinct knack for being somehow involved in most of the grandiose plots in the region.

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