Saving Throws

Saving Throws are measures of a character's resistance to special types of attacks - poisons, magic and attacks that affect the whole body or mind of the character. The ability to make successful saving throws improves as the character increases in level. If a saving throw is made, this may reduce damage or prevent the effects of a spell or attack entirely Some spells (e. g. the Protection spells) greatly improve saving throws against different types of attacks.

Save vs. Paralyzation, Poison, and Death Magic: This is used whenever a character is affected by a paralyzing attack (regardless of source), poi son (of any strength), or certain spells and magical items that otherwise kill the character outright (as listed in their descriptions).

Save vs. Rod, Staff, or Wand: As its name implies, this is used whenever a character is affected by the powers of a rod, staff, or wand, provided another save of higher priority isn't called for.

Save vs. Petrification or Polymorph: This is used any time a character is turned to stone (petrified) or polymorphed by a monster, spell, or magical item (other than a wand).

Save vs. Breath Weapon: A character uses this save when facing monsters with breath weapons, particularly the powerful blast of a dragon. (Perhaps the character rolls out of the way or manages to hide behind something.)

Save vs. Spell: This is used whenever a character attempts to resist the effects of a magical attack, either by a spellcaster or from a magical item, provided no other type of saving throw is specified. This save can also be used to resist an attack that defies any other classification.

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