Spell Turning Abjuration

Range: 0 Saving Throw: None

Casting Time: 7 Area of Effect: The Caster

Duration: 3 rounds/level

This powerful abjuration spell causes the spells cast against the wizard to rebound upon the original caster. This affects a total of 12 spell levels, for example three 3rd-level or one 4th and one 2nd-level etc.. This includes spells cast from scrolls and innate spell-like abilities, but excludes the following: area effects that are not centered directly upon the wizard as well as area effects that are stationary such as cloud kill and stinking cloud. As long as the spell is cast directly at the wizard it will be reflected back upon the caster. Something to note is that as long as there are levels remaining then the spell will be reflected. For example if there is only 1 level left and a 3rd-level spell is cast at the wizard, the spell will be absorbed while canceling the spell turning. This spell will not protect the caster from dispel magic, however it will not be affected by dispel magic either.

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