Stores Inns Taverns And Temples

Throughout the course of the game there are many non-player characters in the world who will offer goods or services. These NPC's all use a similar interface for the buying, selling, trading of information, goods and services. When these NPC's are spoken to, a panel will replace the portion of the screen with buttons for the various services

Rent Rooms: Inns usually have four different types of rooms that the player can use to rest at night. The various accommodations vary from Peasant rooms to Deluxe lodgings. The more expensive the room, the more comfortable your stay and the more you will heal while you rest. Some inns are limited in the quality of rooms they can provide.

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Buying and Selling: This screen is broken into a Buy window and a Sell window. Items that the store offers are shown in the Buy windows, items from the character's inventory are shown in the Sell window. To select items to purchase, L-click on them in the Buy window. The item icon will become highlighted, but will not be purchased until you L-click "Buy" at the bottom of the window. You may select multiple items and the current total for all items is shown next to the "Buy" button. The Sell window works in the same fashion, although the store owner may have no interest in buying the items in your inventory (in which case the item will be "dimmed"). Items that are unusable by the character currently selected are shaded red. While these items are unusable, they can still be purchased for future use or for other party members.

Drinks and Rumors: Some locations will have a friendly bartender or innkeeper tending bar. The items offered at the bar vary from expensive liquors to cheap ales. Either way, upon ordering a drink, the proprietor may decide to share rumors that he has heard lately. Be careful however, as your characters can become intoxicated if they drink too much.

Steal: Thieves may have the option of attempting to steal items out of a shop's inventory. The Steal screen works the same as Buying and Selling, except that no gold is exchanged. When an item is selected to be stolen, the thief's skills are checked - if successful, the item is added to the thief's inventory; if unsuccessful, the guards will be called (or worse!).

Donate: You can donate money at a temple by selecting this option. When you donate, you may hear a rumor from the priest and the party's reputation may be increased depending on the amount of gold donated. It is very helpful to donate gold if the party's reputation is suffering.

The more your reputation has fatten, the more you must donate... Priests have long memories. — Veto

Healing: Temples usually offer healing services for a price. A menu will appear showing the services offered and the price. Select the service you wish to receive and select the character who is to receive the healing.

Identify: Shops and Temples can usually identify a much larger variety of items than your characters will be able to. The cost to have an item identified is 100 gold. If you cannot select the item from the list, then the proprietor does not have the ability to identify the item.

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