Summon Insects Conjuration Summoning

Range: 30 yards Saving Throw: Neg.

Casting Time: 9 Area of Effect: 1 creature

Duration: 7 rounds

The summon insects spell attracts a cloud or swarm of normal insects to attack one enemy of the caster. This swarm gathers at a point chosen by the caster, within the spell's range, and attacks any single creature the caster points to.

The victim may make a saving throw vs. breath weapons (with a -4 penalty) to escape the swarm. Otherwise, the victim receives 1 point of damage every two seconds for the duration of the spell. The victim fights with a -2 penalty to his attack roll and a +2 penalty to his Armor Class. The swarm will repeatedly bite the target, making it very difficult to cast spells (50% spell failure).

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