The action cursors include the following

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Select: Indicates that you can select the character

Move: Indicates that the action mode is movement

Blocked Location: Indicates that no movement is possible

Travel: Indicates that if you move here you will leave the current map

Doors: Indicates that you will open/close the highlighted door

Enter: Indicates walking through an entry or hallway, if a door is not highlighted

Stairs: Allows you to go up/down staircases

Pick up Item: Allows you to pick up an item

Attack: Indicates that the individual or group action mode is attack

Locked: Indicates a chest or door that is locked and which you can attempt to unlock, either by hitting it or picking the lock with a thief, depending on who is currently selected

Remove Trap: Indicates you can attempt to remove a trap with your thief

Pickpocket: Indicates you can attempt to steal from the selected character or creature

Spell: Indicates that you are going to cast a spell

Manipulate: Allows you to operate switches, levers, buttons, etc. to change the state of an object nearby

Note on cursors: If a given cursor is selected it may be changed by clicking on a different action button, by hitting "ESC" or by L-clicking an area where the cursor has no effect (e. g. a non-object or the interface border). Casting spells is canceled by a R-click or "ESC", or finished by a L-click on a creature or area (depending on the type of spell).

The fog-of-war: Characters see a certain distance away from them, using a direct line of sight. This means that they cannot see around a building until they move to the corner and that they cannot see through walls. Depending on the type of terrain that they are crossing, they will be able to see a certain distance - farther in open outdoors terrain (about 1/2 of the main game screen), a little less in mountainous terrain (about 1/3 of the main game screen), and still less in dungeons (about 1/4 of the main game screen).

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