The World Of Baldurs Gate Ii Shadows Of Amn

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms and the world of Faerun! (Fay-ROON). A land of magic and adventure, Faerun is a continent hugging a larger world, which in turn is the third world of eight orbiting a central sun, which is encapsulated in a crystal sphere within a swirling chaos, which is only one in a myriad of alternate dimensions. But for the races of Toril - elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and humans - Faerun is a very important place: it is home. Abeir-toril (Ah-BEER Tor-RILL), more commonly called Toril, is the name of the orb that Faerun and the Forgotten Realms are set upon, just as Earth is the orb that Eurasia is set upon. The name is archaic, meaning "cradle of life," and is rarely used in everyday speech. Abeir-Toril is an Earth-sized planet dominated by a large continent in its northern hemisphere as well as a number of other large landmasses scattered about its surface. This northern continent is called Faerun in the west, Kara-Tur in the east, and Zakhara in the south. It is the primary purpose of this tome to deal with the western portion of this huge landmass, in particular the region in Faerun between the Sea of Swords and the Inner Sea, and more particularly the country named Amn.

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