Unholy Word Conjuration Summoning

Range: 0 Casting Time: 1

Saving Throw: None

Area of Effect: 30-foot radius

Duration: Special

Uttering an unholy word spell creates magic of tremendous power. The priest acts as a bridge between his god and the prime material plane causing a small explosion centered on the priest and reaching up to a 30' radius. It affects only good creatures or creatures of any good alignment that are caught in the area of effect. The effects differ according to the level of the target as follows:

Hit Dice or levels — Effects of Holy Word

Less than 4 — Death 4 to 7 — Stunned for 1 turn

8 to 11 — Slowed for 1 turn with 75% chance of spell failure 12 and up — Deafened for 1 turn with 50% chance of spell failure

There is no saving throw vs. this spell and the effects are instantaneous and last for the duration of the spell or until dispelled. Note this spell may not be cast by any priest of good alignment.

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