Volos Personal Introduction

This guidebook' is one of the very finest in my ongoing tour of the Realms — f can guarantee that you tt find no more diligent guide than your humble servant Votothamp Cjeddarm. f ve spent the past six months journeying around the tands of Amn, suffering trials and tribulations the tike of which you can only imagine! Lumpy mattresses, rude serving wenches and thin, tasteless ate — such is the price f Wittingly pay to bring forth this fountain of knowtedge. Forever in thy service, - Votcthaamp Ceddaarm

A notorious emmieHisheV and braggart, Volos guide tss remmarAaily accurate -for him.. Perhaps- this reflects the tnflumcs- of an unnamed, wiser eyee looking over Voios shoto/der,.

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