Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon proficiency represents a character's knowledge and training with a specific weapon. When a character is created, he or she has a few initial slots which must be filled immediately before the character embarks on his first adventure. A character can assign weapon proficiency slots only to those weapons allowed by his or her character class. As a character reaches higher experience levels, he also earns additional weapon proficiency points that can be assigned. The rate at which proficiencies are gained depends on the character's class. Warriors, who concentrate on their martial skills, learn to handle a great number of weapons. They gain weapon proficiencies quickly. Wizards, who spend their time studying magical arts, have little time to practice with weapons. They gain additional weapon proficiencies very slowly. A character who has a specific weapon proficiency is skilled with that weapon and familiar with its use. Hence, if you have assigned one proficiency point to a character, he or she can attack without penalty using that weapon. If you equip a character with a weapon that he or she is not proficient with, a -1 to hit and -1 damage penalty applies.

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