Weapons Bows

Short Bow: This is the earliest form of bow. Short bows are about 5 feet long. As the years passed, attempts were made to increase bow ranges. Bows were either made longer or flexibility was increased with no change to the length. The former resulted in the long bow.

Long Bow: The long bow is similar to the short bow, except that the bow is about as long as the archer is tall, usually 6 or more feet. It has better range than the short bow.

Composite Bow: Composite bows are long bows made from more than one type of material. This gives greater flexibility, and thus better range. These were developed after the normal long bow.

Arrows: The flight arrow, as its name implies, is built for distance. These are lightweight arrows and are often used for hunting. Most of these arrows are made of ash or birch and are 30 to 40 inches long.

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