Wizard Spells

Wizard spells range from spells of simple utility to great and powerful magics. Although characters can use spells, the workings of magic are dimly understood at best. For the most part, it is enough to know that "when you do this, that happens." Casting a Mage spell is a complicated ordeal. First, a Mage can only use spells from his spell book. Beginning Mages start with only a few basic spells; over time, they obtain spell scrolls to add to their magical knowledge. (To add the spell found on a scroll to his spell book, the Mage must scribe it into the book - this is done from the Item Information page, which is brought up by R-clicking on a spell scroll from the inventory page). A Mage's mind can comprehend only a certain number of spells. The number of spells he can have in his book is limited by his Intelligence. Ultimately, it is daily spell memorization that is most important. Every day, the Mage must memorize spells from his spellbook. To draw on magical energy, the Mage must shape specific mental patterns in his mind. He uses his spell book to force his mind through mental exercises, preparing it to hold the final twisted patterns. This process is called memorization. Once a Mage memorizes a spell, it remains in his memory (as potential energy) until he uses the prescribed words, motions, and components to trigger the release of the energy. Upon casting, the energy of the spell is spent, wiped clean from the Mage's mind - lost until the Mage studies and memorizes that spell again. The number of spells a Mage can memorize is given by his level; he can memorize the same spell more than once, but each memorization counts as one spell toward his daily memorization limit. Memorization is not a thing that happens immediately. The Mage must have a clear head gained from a restful night's sleep and then must spend time studying his spell book. Spells remain memorized until they are cast or wiped from the character's mind at the spell memorization screen.

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