Greater Malison Enchantment Charm

Range Visual range of caster Area of Effect Up to Duration 2 rounds level 60-foot cube Casting Time 4 Saving Throw None The spell allows the caster to adversely affect all the saving throws of his enemies. The effect is applied to all hostile creature within the area of effect. Opponents under the influence of this spell make all saving throws at a penalty of-2.

Spirit Armor Necromancy

Range Touch Area of Effect 1 creature Duration 3 turns Saving Throw-. None This spell is very similar to the 3rd level spell Ghost Armor in that it creates a corporeal barrier around the target's body for the duration of the spell. This spell however, actually taps in to the target's life force in order to create the barrier. The armor itself is weightless, and does not hinder movement or spell casting at all. The Spirit Armor does not work cumulatively with any other armor, however dexterity...

Chaos Enchantment Charm

Visual range of caster Area of Effect 60-foot cube Duration 3 rounds 1 round level Saving Throw SpeciaX Casting Time 4 The effects of this spell are identical to the 4th level spell Confusion in all respects. The victims wander around as if in a daze, sometimes wandering away, sometimes attacking, either friend or foe. If the victim is 4th level or lower, he does not receive a saving throw versus the effects. However if the victim is 5th level or higher, he receives a save vs. spell at...

Shadow Door Illusion Phantasm

Range 10 yards Area of Effect Special Duration 1 round level Saving Throw-. None By means of this spell, the wizard creates the illusion of a door. The illusion also permits the wizard to appear to step through this door and disappear. In reality he has darted aside and can flee, totally invisible as per the Improved Invisibility spell , for the spell duration. A true seeing spell, a gem of seeing, or similar magical means can discover the wizard.