Casting Spells

Both wizards and priests use the same rules for casting spells. To cast a spell, the character must first have the spell memorized. If it is not memorized, the spell cannot be cast. The caster must be able to speak (not under the effects of a Silence spell or gagged) and have both arms free (not paralyzed, for example). If the spell is targeted on a person, place, or thing, the caster must be able to see the target. It is not enough to cast a Fireball 150 feet ahead into the darkness; the caster must be able to see the point of explosion and the intervening distance. Once the casting has begun, the character must stand still. (If you choose not to have a spell caster cast a spell after you have selected the spell, but before you have selected a target, you can Control-click to cancel the spell and it will not be lost from memory.)

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