Character Generation in Baldurs Gate

hen you are in the character creation section follow the steps below; at any point in the process you may press "Cancel" and will be prompted if you wish to return to the main game screen. To go back during character creation press the up arrow at the bottom left of the screen.


The gender of your character is decided first. You can select either male or female, and once selected press the "Done" button (as on every page).

  • Females of the Realms can excel in any area they wish, and are easily the equals of their male counterparts in every skill or respect.
  • Males of the Realms can excel in whatever profession they choose, whether wizardry, thievery, or the arts of war.


Select the race of your character. There are six available character races. Choose between human, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfing, or half-elf.

Descriptions of each race are given in the area beneath the selection boxes.


The classes and class combinations that are available to the race you have chosen will be highlighted. Choose the class that you want from the list.

Descriptions of each class are noted in the area beneath the selection boxes.

Multiclassed characters are available to non-humans only and share the traits and restrictions of both classes. Human characters can choose to become dual class later in the game.

Dual class characters start their adventuring life as one class and then later switch to a different class. When the character chooses to switch class, the abilities of the former class are unavailable until the character surpasses the level of their former class with the level of their new class. At this time, the abilities of both classes are available at their current level. The character can never advance further in the former class. Only humans can be dual classed characters.


You'll see a screen with the abilities the computer has randomly determined for your character (calculated as if you rolled three 6-sided dice for each ability, adjusted for character race). Any class minimums will be automatically selected for the character for abilities that were too low (i.e. if the character needs a 17 charisma to be a paladin, and the computer rolled a 12, then the character will receive 17). You can subtract points from an ability to add to another; however, you cannot take points away from an ability if it will lower the ability below racial or class minimums. Each ability will have a caption describing it. Reroll your abilities as many times as you like until you reach a combination you are happy with.


The player has a choice of alignments according to his class and race. Each alignment will have a caption describing it in detail. Your alignment determines how your character interacts with his environment. Read over each carefully before choosing. If you stray severely from your alignment during the course of the game, there will be consequences - you may even suffer loss of some of your abilities!


All characters receive weapon proficiencies. There will be a list of proficiencies available to the character, and each proficiency will have a caption describing it. A character can often wield a weapon which they lack a proficiency for, but they will incur a -1 penalty on all rolls with that weapon. Fighters, paladins, and rangers can become even more skilled with weapons by adding a second dot to any proficiency. This will give them an added bonus to their attack rolls and to the damage they inflict. Only Fighters can assign more than 2 points to a given Profiency. Rangers, Paladins, and Multi-Classed Fighters are all limited to 2 points. Dual Class Fighters may only add points above 2 if they are active in the Fighter Class.


If your character is a thief, or a multiclassed character with thief abilities, you will allocate ability points to thief abilities. The thief has 30 points to allocate at first level, and 20 points every level thereafter. Available skills are Thieving, Open Locks, Find Traps, and Stealth (Move Silently/ Hide in Shadows). Each ability has a caption describing it.


If your character is a wizard you will see a screen where you can choose 1st-level wizard spells. These are spells the character will start the game with. Each spell has a caption describing it.


Rangers will choose a racial enemy. The ranger will receive bonuses when fighting creatures of this type. Choose between carrion crawler, ettercap, ghoul, gibberling, gnoll, hobgoblin, kobold, ogre, skeleton, and spider.


You will be shown a model of your character. You can modify the colors of your hair, skin, major clothing color, and minor clothing color. You will be able to modify your major and minor clothing colors in your inventory page after the adventure has begun. Click on the box showing the current color to bring up a selection box with other color choices for each category.


Last of all, you need to name your character. Click on the text box or start typing your name. When done, hit "Return" or click on "Done".


Once you have completed all of the above steps, click "Accept" in the lower right or click on the up arrow at the bottom left to erase and reenter the most recently entered data field.

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