Thief: To accomplish his goals, for good or ill, the thief is a skilled pilferer. Cunning, nimbleness, and stealth are his hallmarks. Whether he turns his talent against innocent passers-by and wealthy merchants or oppressors and monsters is a choice for the thief to make. There are four thief abilities in Baldur's Gate. At first level a thief character will receive 30 points to allocate among his abilities. Every level thereafter he will gain an extra 20 points. See Table 2 on pg 134 to see how a thief's abilities are modified according to race and dexterity.

Special Abilities: Stealth (and Backstab), Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Find Traps, Remove Traps Restrictions: cannot be of Lawful Good alignment; cannot wear any armor other than leather or studded leather cannot use any shield except for bucklers; can only wield clubs, daggers, darts, crossbows, short bows, slings, long swords, short swords, and quarterstaffs

Bard: The bard is also a rogue, but he is very different from the thief. His strength is his pleasant and charming personality. With it and his wits he makes his way through the world. A bard is a talented musician and a walking storehouse of gossip, tall tales, and lore. He learns a little bit about everything that crosses his path; he is a jack-of-all- trades but master of none. While many bards are scoundrels, their stories and songs are welcome almost everywhere.

Special Abilities: Pick Pockets, Bard Songs, Spell Casting,

High Lore ability. Restrictions: Human and Half-Elf only; must be of partially Neutral alignment; cannot use a shield or armor heavier than chainmail.

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