The Campaigns option lets you play on either side during the Battle of Britain. You can take the role of the commander where you will have at your disposal all of the RAF or Luftwaffe resources that were available at the time. The campaign can either be played straight through from its beginning in July 1940 until the climax on September 15th, or can be started at the beginning of any one of the four 'phases' of the battle. Chapter Four details the campaigns and provides a tutorial for both the RAF and Luftwaffe sides. The campaigns themselves have an extensive help facility that describes the function of every option available to the player.

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In multi-player mode you can play Rowan's Battle of Britain with up to seven other flyers, according to your connection type. A variety of specially-designed Death match or Team Play scenarios are available. Alternatively you may play in a number of cooperative or adversarial scenarios based on the Quick Shots missions. You can select any of the aircraft that you can fly in single player mode. The dynamic campaign, however, is not a multi-player option. For full details on multi-player options go to Chapter Five.

engagements during the Battle of Britain. As is you can choose to take part on either side. The greater detail in Chapter Three.

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