Modem Connection for Direct Play

A maximum of two players can connect via a 28,800-baud modem (or faster). Make sure both players' modems are configured correctly and set at the highest speed for their connection. Prior to connecting both players need to agree which computer will serve as the "Connect" computer and which will "Answer" on the connection. The player with the faster computer would be best suited for the host (Answer) computer.

Both players should be aware of which Comm Port their modem is attached to and should know the fastest baud rate of their modems. It is also a good idea to have each other's phone number at hand. If you have any problems, you can access the Windows 95/98 (Modem) Properties by clicking CONFIGURE on the Modem screen. If your modem is not configured correctly, please consult your modem and Windows 95/98 documentation (make sure you don't have multiple modem drivers loaded). If you've made any changes to your settings, restart Windows before trying to connect. This ensures the changes are saved.

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