Ready Room

If you have selected either Death Match or Team Play and are ready to join the game click on continue and you will be taken to the Ready Room Screen.

Whether you have created or joined a game, you will eventually end up in the Ready Room. The Ready Room Screen displays players currently in the game, along with aircraft chosen and their score. It also allows you to chat to other players.

In Team Play and Quick Missions, RAF players are listed first, followed by

Luftwaffe players. The players' names are followed by the aircraft they have chosen, the game screen they are currently in and their score.

To chat to other players type your message in the box and press Return. In Team Play or Quick Mission games you can choose to chat either to your side only or to all players by clicking on the appropriate tick box at the top of the screen. To chat to an individual player, click on his name. The name will highlight and your messages will be sent only to that player until you click on another name or choose everybody on your side only.

There are a number of options at the bottom of the Ready Room screen, and some of them are only available in certain circumstances,

for instance when you are a game host:

Quit the game and return to the main user interface screen.

In Death Match and Team Play games when everyone is ready the host can click on Fly and the game will begin. If a player joins the game while the other players are flying then he will be able to click on Fly to join in.

In Quick Shot mission games, clicking on Frag will take the player to the Frag screen. Here you will be able to choose which aircraft position you wish to fly. Chat facilities are available as in the Ready Room screen, but messages will be sent to all players. To choose an aircraft to fly, click on the pilot name. You cannot choose an aircraft that has already been chosen by another player. To unassign yourself from an aircraft click on another aircraft or click on the unassign tick at the top right of the page. When all players have chosen their aircraft the host can click on Fly and the game will begin. A player may join a game after it has begun, while other players are flying. Simply choose an aircraft in the Frag screen and select Fly to join in. Aircraft that have been killed will be labelled as 'KIA' and cannot be selected to fly in.

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