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The wilds of Midkemia are filled with dangerous and menacing foes. Sometimes your only defense is powerful magic. You can learn spells from other characters in the game or from scrolls that you buy or find. To learn a spell from a scroll, you must click on it with the left mouse button, then click on the Use button. The scroll will disappear. Following are some of the spells you may find at your disposal.


Creating a deadly ball of flame that travels from the caster to the enemy, the Flamecast spell is used only in combat. It causes damage to anyone within two steps of the target, if hit.


The Skyfire spell can only be cast on a character who has some sort of metal on his person: metal armor, a metal helmet, a metal sword, etc. It is delivered much like Flamecast, though it takes the form of a lightning bolt channeled from above.

Hocho's Haven

Hocho's Haven creates a surrounding wall of energy that will protect the target from receiving damage from any and all attacks. The wall disappears when its limit is exceeded.

Gift of Sung

Gift of Sung (Sung is the god of healing) can be cast on any party member except the caster. It facilitates a one to one health transference from the magic user to the recipient. The recipient can't exceed his health rating.

Grief of a Thousand Nights

Effective only on sentient creatures, this spell is used to immobilize single enemy targets. When cast on an enemy, the creature suddenly falls into a deep melancholy, lost in recollections of past sorrows. The victim will remain in place until the spell is overcome or wears off.

River Song

This spell summons a Rusalki who fights for the player. After combat she returns to her element.

The Unfortunate Flux

When cast on an enemy, the victim begins to sweat an amber-colored liquid. Soon, elemental sprites appear and begin to consume the liquid and the victim along with it.


This spell allows the party to "see" in the darkness of night. It can only be used outside. Once cast, the scene appears as though it is daytime.


Invitation is a strategic spell that draws the enemy into close range for combat. It is especially effective against enemy archers or spellcasters as they may be drawn too close to cast or shoot.

Final Rest

This spell must be cast on a dead Nighthawk or Black Slayer. This is a final blessing from Lims-Kragma that allows a humanoid creature to return to the Drawer of Nets. If it is not cast, and there are other Black Slayers in the immediate area, dead Nighthawks will become Black Slayers.

agic, by its nature, is ^ I unstable. ♦ Occasionally a spell will become warped — why, we don't know — to such a degree, it... tears at the very fabric of the world. For a brief time a rift occurs, and a passage is formed, going. somewhere."

Magician: The Author's Preferred Edition

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