Each character in the game will automatically consume one ration per day. (They will disappear from his Inventory at the end of the day.) Each ration represents one day of food, so a character with seven rations will be fine for one week before he starts to lose Health/Stamina points due to hunger.

NOTE: If you transfer a packet of rations to a starving character it will be eaten immediately, rather than at the end of the day.

A Guide to Inventory Items

Following are a few of the unusual but useful items you will encounter on your journey. Items may be bought, found or given to you. Be on the lookout for stray objects as you travel. Even the most insignificant seeming items can prove to be essential later in your travels. (See page 34 for information on using items


A broad-bladed sword meant for hacking, but not particularly effective for lunging. Due to its weight, it is a damaging but none too accurate weapon.

Medium Crossbow

The standard issue weapon for Midkemian archers. It is fairly accurate and powerful.


Silverthorn is easily recognizable due to its distinctive silver thorns on a rose-like stem and its corpulent red berries. It is a deadly but detectable general purpose poison and is especially well suited for treating weapons. Each berry may be used for one application.



This kind of string can be used on light or medium crossbows when the bowstrings break. It cannot be used on the Heavy Crossbow. Drop the bowstring on the crossbow to use.

Naphtha is highly flammable. Applied to a sword blade it can cause extensive flame damage to an opponent.

It is called a Bessy Mauler. ♦ Why it is named after Bessy is not known, but it is indeed a mauler."

Lightning Staff

Bessy Mauler

— Baru A Darkness At Sethanon

Bessy Mauler

The Lightning Staff is an ancient magical tool. With this item, magic users can call forth a bolt of lightning, without losing Health/Stamina Points.

Glory Hand

The Glory Hand is the shriveled hand cut from a thief who was hung at midnight. When used in conjunction with the Nightfingers spell, it allows the user to magically steal almost any item from a combat opponent, then it crumbles to dust.

Infinity Pool

The heaviest of the Midkemian crossbows, it is also the strongest available, able to put a dent in even the toughest armors. The power of the Bessy Mauler brings with it some sacrifice in accuracy.

Elven Quarrel

The Infinity Pool is an ancient artifact used by magicians to magnify the effects of any combat spells that they cast. At first glance, it seems like an ordinary pendant — brown leather cord, brass catches, a small glass globe — but close inspection of the interior reveals thousands of scarlet points of light.

This elven crossbow load has a special accuracy modifier that makes it enormously accurate and long-ranged. Considered one of the best loads to have with a crossbow of any make, the Elven Quarrel is particularly effective if used with an Elven Crossbow.

Moredhel Lamprey

The Lamprey is a favorite weapon of Moredhel raiders. The blade edge is composed of a series of mini-blades useful for both sawing and slicing.


A branch or club wrapped with oil-soaked rags. Torches may be used indoors or outside.

Galon Griefmaker

This elven blade is an effective compromise between weight and accuracy. Highly accurate, it is weighted in such a way that it can be used to either hack or to stab, but is especially effective when swung. Like the Moredhel Lamprey that followed it, the Griefmaker has small teeth for sawing.

Herbal Pack

Usually containing the standard healer's materials of alum and healer's alcohol, herbal packs can help prevent deadly infections. A healing herbal pack can be used to double the rate at which a party member heals.


Worn inside the shoes, these magical green slippers greatly increase your stealth, improving your odds of creeping by enemies without being detected.


These small vials of green liquid are helpful for restoring Health/Stamina to injured or ill party members.


Complex sets of precisely crafted hooks, files, clips, pins and picks, good picklocks are usually fashioned from sterling silver. They can be used to open nearly every lock, depending on the user's skill.


Use in conjunction with the Weaponcraft skill to maintain and repair chipped or broken blades.

Armorer's Hammer

Similar to a ball-peen hammer, this hammer is needed by anyone who wishes to repair armor with their Armorcraft skill.


This is the food that each party member carries. Rations seem to travel best when wrapped in small packages with brown paper and tied with string. Food might include salted sweetmeats, hard rolls, sliced apples or strawberry tarts to last from one to fourteen days.


Combat can be initiated in a variety of ways. ♦ Most will occur while you are exploring, as your party attempts to fend off attacking monsters and assassins. ♦ Digging up a grave can also result in a combat situation, as deadly spirits known to Midkemians as "shades" will often attack the party.

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