More Combat Options

The following options can be selected at the bottom of the Combat screen:

Fire Crossbow

You must have a crossbow and quarrels and be at least one step away from the nearest opponent to choose this option. When it is available, left click on the Quarrel icon. The last quarrel type fired is automatically selected. To choose a different load left click on the button displaying the desired quarrel type. There are more quarrel types than there are buttons, click on the More button until you see the load you want.

Target an enemy by moving the cursor to the opponent's feet. When the highlight appears at his feet you will see an information box displaying the Accuracy and base damage you can expect from the selected quarrel type. Left click to shoot.

NOTE: You cannot target opponents unless you have them in your line of sight. If another character or object is between an archer and his opponent, that opponent cannot be targeted.


You must be standing at least one step away from the nearest opponent. The combat window will be replaced by a marble colored background on which you will see a circle studded with 30 small gemstones. A list of available spells will appear on the right. Magic symbols will appear on the buttons at the bottom of the screen, select these to access different spells. (Also see pages 17 and 52.)

When a spell is selected, the combat view will return and you may select a target by moving the cursor to an appropriate character or opponent. Left click to cast the spell. To cancel a spell, click on the Cast button, then choose Exit.

  • Some spells will require that your target be within your line of sight (such as when firing a crossbow). Such spells will indicate this in a message box when you move the cursor over their magic glyph.
  • To see which spells a particular magician knows, select him with the right mouse button, then click on the Spells button to bring up a list of all his known spells.
  • Some spells will require special items. For example, Nightfingers can only be cast if the magician has a Glory Hand in his Inventory.


Selecting this option will not always be successful. In some combat situations, such as when caught in some magic traps, retreat is not possible. Also, if one or more of your party members go down in combat, the others will refuse to leave. If a retreat attempt is successful, the party will automatically fall back and regroup some distance away from where the encounter took place.

Try not to let enemy opponents retreat during combat. This is especially important early in the game, as retrieving items from the inventories of fallen foes is a crucial means of finding valuable items that can be used or sold in nearby shops.

NOTE: Regardless of its success, an attempted retreat counts as one combat turn.


This option causes a character to assume a defensive posture, increasing the chance that he will successfully parry an incoming sword strike for one combat turn.

Assess Opponents

Each character in the party has an Assessment skill, that can be used during combat to "size up" enemy opponents. To use this option, left click on the Assess button and then on an opponent in the combat window. Assess Opponents uses one combat turn. The amount of information you receive is proportionate to the Assessment skill of the character.

Rest During Combat

Choose this option to allow a character to regain lost Health/Stamina points.

NOTE: Resting during combat increases the likelihood of your character being injured if he is attacked.


Left click on the Auto-Combat button to allow characters to begin fighting on their own, without your direction. This option is convenient in situations where victory is assured. To interrupt this mode and regain control of combat, left click on the Exit button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Auto-Combat is unavailable when the party is caught in a magic trap.

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