Controlling vehicles

For the most part, the vehicles are controlled in the same way as Jade: she is the one who is at the controls. In the course of the adventure, various accessories appear to enhance their abilities.

To DRIVE a vehicle, use the WASD keys to indicate the direction of your choice. To ACCELERATE, press the Space bar.

To shift into INTERIOR VIEW mode, press the E key. This also allows you to use the compass to find your way around the planet Hillys more easily.

To DRAW ALONGSIDE a quay in the hovercraft, press the left mouse button.

To SHOOT, press the left mouse button. When you have installed the neutralizing cannon, you will also be able to hit a larger number of targets by LOCKING on to them. To do this, move towards the target and keep the left mouse button pressed down for a few moments until the sights appear, then release.

To JUMP over an obstacle or reach steep paths, press the right mouse button.

To TAKE A PHOTO with a vehicle, press the "Shift" key to shift into Aiming Mode, move the mouse to turn the camera in the desired direction and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out and focus. When you are happy with the framing, press the left mouse button to take the photo. You cannot move around in Photo Mode.

To RELEASE the hovercraft from the ship when you are on water, press the right mouse button. To reconnect the hovercraft to the ship, position yourself under the ship that is waiting on automatic pilot and press the right mouse button.

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