Navigating in the menus

To navigate the BEYOND GOOD & EVIL menus, use the directional arrows, the mouse wheel, or the W and S keys. To confirm a choice, left-click on the selection. To go back to a previous page, right-click.

The keyboard keys can be redefined using the configuration tool. You are strongly advised to use the default configuration described in this manual. The manual presumes that you are using a QWERTY keyboard and that your mouse is configured for a right-handed person.

Don't let these technical terms scare you! The Beyond Good & Evil interface has been designed in such a way that it is not compulsory to read the manual.

In fact, the keys you have to use are displayed during the game in the form of subtitles or contextual help. So you don't have to memorize everything now! We will remind you which key to use when you're in the thick of the action. That's what we call "ergonomics"!

Talking of ergonomics, if you're right-handed, place your left hand to the left of the keyboard so that your arms are sufficiently far apart. This position will enable you to play for hours on end, without getting tired.

Ready?! Make sure you're sitting comfortably, with one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse. Let's go!

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