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Many technical problems are the result of running the game without having DirectX 5 drivers installed on your system. Please check to make sure that your drivers are current before contacting the Take 2 Technical Support Staff.

During the installation process the setup program will determine if Microsoft DirectX 5 needs to be installed on your computer. If this is the case, the Microsoft DirectX 5 setup program will ask you whether you would like to install the appropriate files on your computer. If you choose not to install DirectX 5, and you find that later you need to install DirectX 5. follow these directions.

  • Click on the Start Button.
  • Select "Run" from the menu.
  • Click on "Browse..."
  • Select the Drive Letter of your CD-ROM drive.
  • Click on the DirectX 5 folder.
  • Select "DXSETUP.EXE" and click "Open."
  • Click "OK" to run the DirectX 5 setup.

NOTE: Be warned that installing DirectX has resulted in instabilities in some systems. DirectX is a MICROSOFT product. Take 2 Interactive Software, Inc. claims no responsibility for any problems that result from the installation of DirectX 5 drivers on your system.

• For further information and support, visit Microsoft at their website:

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