Family Bunker Plans

Family Bunker Plans

This ebook from John Hartman, ex-military gives you all of the practical tools that you need to build a bunker for you and your family to protect them from terrorist attacks and dangerous attacks on the United States. Would you not say that you are willing to protect your family no matter what? Then this bunker should be an excellent investment. This guide teaches you how to keep your family safe in the following ways: you will be able living in your bunker for 6 months, you will learn to build a source of renewable power, and fit up to 5 people comfortably. You will learn to build a bunker that is secretive and hidden, and impossible to break into. Your bunker will be plenty solid, in order to resist dangerous terrorist attacks. Learn to protect your family in the best way possible with this guide Start building your bunker and save your family! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Assaulting mines and bunkers under fire

In the two previous tutorials you learned how to use your engineers to clear a path through a minefield, and how to use them to blow up bunkers. In this lesson you will do both, but will be under fire from troops, tanks and bunkers. Don't worry - you've been given plenty of weapons to do the job Uh-oh, bad news here Unfortunately, this picture shows how you will many times find bunkers It's OK - you lost a few guys. Now, have that unit pop smoke between it and the bunker, and use your FO to target your artillery to surround the bunker with smoke (you might also hit it with a few rounds of HE). You can also use your tank to try and take it out if it has line-of-sight. If not use the smoke. All right A path is cleared and everyone pours through. Around this time you'll start to get fired on from enemy tanks - use your Jumbo's to destroy them. They are more than a match for these tanks Continue moving forward, keeping your units close together. Another weapon you have against tanks and...

Tutorial Assaulting a Bunker

In this Tutorial you will learn how to assault an Enemy Bunker. There are times when you will have to assault a Bunker to eliminate it so as to allow your other units to continue their advance. I suggest that you complete the Artillery Tutorial first. Now you have found the Japanese Troops protecting the Bunker. (Tip When fighting Japanese troops, you must wipe them all out.). Keep firing on the troops until they are wiped out completely. Now you have found the Japanese Troops protecting the Bunker. (Tip When fighting Japanese troops, you must wipe them all out.). Keep firing on the troops until they are wiped out completely. Ok, Now that you have destroyed the Japanese troops, move your Engineers SLOWLY forward to find the Bunker. You found it, Great. Now surround the bunker from the sides and rear. Remove as much suppression from your Engineers as possible. End the turn and assault the Bunker on the next turn. Now, turn one of your Engineer units towards the Bunker and attack. This...

The Scrutiny of Earth Intensifies

Fortunately the exchange was relatively small, limited to less than a dozen warheads, and a global conflagration was narrowly avoided. Even so, nearly a million people died. The terrible loss of life and the near-thing of a planet-wide Armageddon sobered heads of government around the world. The leaders of the industrialized nations and the Third World met at the United Nations headquarters in New York and agreed to cooperate in an immediate strengthening of U.N. authority. Within six months, the U.N. Security Council had assembled a large Peace-Keeping Army and assumed worldwide control over all weapons of mass destruction. Mass-kill devices were gathered up from every country that possessed them. The weapons were then dismantled and their components stored in huge subterranean bunkers that came to be known as Peace Vaults. Simultaneously, the U.N. outlawed the sale of smaller arms. It took nearly a decade to end all armed conflict on earth. Yet the goal was finally achieved. Ten...

Greg ibarrs comments

This is the third incarnation of the Iraq Bunker. The others are now lost in the mists of time and the vast depths of the infamous P drive. The fortress has been, at one time or another, a mostly outdoors jaunt through the sand in the early hours of the morning, a stealthy route through city streets in the midday heat, but in the end we settled on a nighttime infiltration mission. It retained a mixture of indoor and outdoor scenery with the player ducking in and out of the base trying to reach the concealed entrance to the hidden airbase. Matt Pinkston did a great job of spicing up the base adding many more interesting events to keep the eyes and ears interested.

The Eur As I Aim Dynasty Ed

We have been under fire for 8 hours. The main arsenal and all communication lines have been destroyed. Nine comrades have fallen and fourteen are injured. I have just issued the order for everyone to go to the fallout shelter. Our scouts have found some off-road vehicles hidden in one of the fallout shelters of the Irkutsk II base. The increased fuel reserves will extend our scouting range. One of those suffering from radiation sickness has died. The other one will not last much longer. The soldiers now appreciate why I ordered them not to leave the fallout shelter for such an extended period of time. Winter is on the march. The temperature at night falls to -5 C. We spend most of our time in the fallout shelter as protection against the cold. We intend to set out for the south in the spring. The fallout shelter is locked up again. We will stay here for another few months. The leader of our brave scouts, Colonel Aniuszin, suggested that we make some preparations for our spring...

Defences and Fortifications

Land fortifications are a network of bunkers, gun emplacements and minefields that you can construct in a province to help your army repel enemy land forces. They are particularly effective in protecting your infantry from tanks, mechanized units and artillery forces where they might otherwise be overrun or destroyed. They also offer some shelter from aerial bombardment although they are not designed to actively counter such attacks. A land fortification offers no resistance by itself and must be manned to have any effect.

The Server Multiplayer Game Screen

TECH BUNKERS Click this to toggle between YES and NO. Allowing Tech Bunkers brings a random element to the game you have to find the old-world technology bunkers if you want to seriously swing the battle to your favor, as well as whacking the bejeezus out of the enemy. Choose a map to play on. There are ten to choose from.

Base Defence

ED structures are usually equipped with active defence systems, consisting of directly mounted guns. This has one major advantage - it is incredibly hard to destroy a highly fortified structure which is constantly firing back A typical ED defence structure has high towers and low, complex bunkers. Two defensive lines usually protect ED fortifications. The first includes the pill-box, designed to resist enemy attacks for long periods and to ensure the security of the second line. The second line includes high, lightly armoured but heavily armed large towers capable of firing above the bunkers and destroying any attacking units with their heavy weapons. Spread all over the base, and covering the entire defensive area, small towers are responsible for anti-aircraft defence.


During the Normandy campaign, the ratio between infantry and tanks was hundreds to one. Infantry being the principal component of the battle, it is vital that you use them properly Infantry are extremely vulnerable to virtually every other unit when in the open. They should always be kept under some kind of cover buildings, bunkers, trenches, forest, or smoke if necessary. When facing armour, infantry should assume Ambush positions and attack from the side or rear. Close assaulting tanks using grenades from ambush or under cover of smoke can also be effective.

Unit Status

Objects containing units (e.g. cannon controlled by crew, trucks towing cannon, etc.) display the status bars of those units when they are selected. Buildings, houses, watchtowers, bunkers, etc.) are the exception If these contain units, the status bars are displayed even if the building has not been selected. Orders Select a group of soldiers, right-dick multiple bunkers and buildings while holding down the SHIFT key.

Tunnel Diagram

A - This is the bunker that leads the player below ground (as is the bunker at D). It must be on level ground and its Z value (not absolute) must be 0, 0. It descends 8 meters below the surface. B - Note the arrow and D this shows that the piece has a downward slope. The declination on this piece is 8m. C - A typical tunnel piece. The arrows denote openings that can connect to other parts. D - Another entrance bunker. Make sure it sits properly on the ground.

Angels Flight

Eddy in 1901, Angel's Flight is a mere 315 feet in length and often called the world's shortest railway . This two-car funicular served as transportation up the 33 percent grade from the Hill Street arch to the Olive Street station house atop Bunker Hill, an area once comprised of Victorian-era residences and businesses. It added local color to the neighborhood in films that routinely used this area for exterior shooting such as 1952's The Turning Point . Angel's Flight was disassembled as part of the clearance of Bunker Hill and the two cars, named the Olivet and the Sinai, remained in storage until the funicular's renovation and reopening for operation early in 1996. (Shown but not an explore-able location in the game.)


In the aftermath of the Second Tiberium War, the Brotherhood of Nod lies in ruins. Kane, the cult's messianic leader, is presumed dead and the surviving members have split into warring splinter factions, leaving the Global Defense Initiative dominant over the Tiberium ravaged earth. Unbeknownst to anyone, Kane is far from dead. Horrifically injured and seething with anger, he bides his time in a bunker deep beneath the earth's scarred crust, preparing for his final, most desperate gambit.

Assault Defense

Certain types of terrain are considered close terrain. Whenever an attack is made into this form of terrain by a ground unit, and either opponent is infantry, then the assault defense is used by the infantry's opponent. Anytime a bunker is an infantry's opponent and the bunker is not defending as ambush or rugged defense, then the bunker uses its assault defense. Also any time an ambush (or rugged defense) occurs, or the defender is infantry, then the attacker uses his assault defense. Close terrain hexes are cities, ports, forest, jungle, kunai, bamboo, bocage, rice paddies in season, swamp, hill, mountain, escarpment, jungle path, and fortified terrain (not a hex with a fort in it).

Mijlttplayer Battle

You and six buddies are hunkered in a trench while enemy rifle fire pours out of a nearby fortified bunker. You hear the telltale sound of Panzer tanks approaching, a sign that you just might not make it out of this mess alive. Suddenly, two Spitfires roar overhead, laying down lines of ,50-caliber cover fire and creating your escape route. Pull out all the stops with grenades, machine guns, rockets and artillery fire. This is real war, where you and Battlefield 1942 enthusiasts from all over the world converge to form epic conflicts.


So, actually the Tiger I was very maneuverable for its size and weight, and sure had much better maneuverability that the Sherman on off road terrain, and especially over muddy terrain, but the overstressed transmission was always prone to breakdowns. But the truth is the Tiger was not the near immovable bunker that many books out there claim. More detailed info about the Tiger tanks can be found at my website http armorsite

Allied Forces

The GI is the basic Allied infantry unit. Slow and capable of only light damage, GIs are nonetheless necessary because of their low cost and ability to set up sandbags around them like a bunker. Left-clicking on a selected GI unit or (D) will cause him to deploy into a heavy machine gun platform which offers increased range and power, but no ability to move. Left-clicking or (D) again undeploys the GI.

Inserting Tunnels

2 - Enter Insert Mode and select tbunk from the Buildings list. This is a bunker that sits above ground, but has a ladder that burrows 8 meters down. Place it on a nice flat piece of land and check its Absolute Z (Altitude) in the Item's Attributes box. Check it with Absolute turned off, then on. You'll need to know this number because every other piece will be based off of it. Notice how the piece has an arrow pointing from it. This tells you which way the opening faces. You connect pieces by lining up the arrows. 3 - Set tbunk's blink group to 1 and check the Parent box. As a parent object, this bunker will always be rendered. Any above ground object that has below ground objects joined to it must be marked as a parent. Click OK


Major Parker's Commando unit was stationed at firebase Zulu on the main continent of Sigma Draconis when it was attacked by the Order of the New Dawn, who had declared the planet sacred ground and filed Jihad against any corporate holding which did not immediately evacuate. The firebase was cut off and subjected to wave after wave of attack. When relief finally arrived, they found no Crayven survivors except for a badly wounded Major Parker, whose bunker was surrounded by over 800 Crusader bodies. Major Parker underwent extensive psychiatric treatment.

Tutorial Section

On the following pages are a series of articles that accompany the tutorials prepared by Don Llewellyn and a team of dedicated Steel Panther World at War players for the purpose of teaching the intricacies of combat in the game. The tutorials cover many subjects such as using engineers, clearing mines, attacking bunkers and caves, and other subjects. Each tutorial gives step by step instructions and the articles cover each step in detail.


21st Century Units can pop out of Tech Bunkers. They're from another time, and because no-one knows how they work, no-one knows how to fix them. So look after them if you find them, okay Before the great nuclear war. scientists invented some really cool weaponry. They tucked them away in Tech Bunkers, huge locked containers, and the plan was that these Bunkers would open if war broke out and the big weapons would storm out and win the war. Well, they screwed up. The locks on the inside of the Bunkers didn't work, so the 21st Century technology has remained locked up for many years. The Tech Bunker Type II were used to hold the larger, cooler weapons. And the locks on these were SO impressive, they required someone with actual mechanical aptitude and brains to open them. So if you come across a Tech Bunker, get a Technician Mekanik Systech out there fast, or the enemy may well get the weapon first. And since the weapons ally with whichever army releases them, you'd better hope it's...

Installing DirectX a

Major Parker's Commando unit was stationed at firebase Zulu on the main continent of Sigma Draconis when it was attacked by the Order of the New Dawn, who had declared the planet sacred ground and filed Jihad against any corporate holding that did not immediately evacuate. The firebase was cut off and subjected to wave after wave of attack. When relief finally arrived, they found no Crayven survivors except for a badly wounded Major Parker, whose bunker was surrounded by over 800 Crusader bodies. No one is certain how Parker was able to survive, while her entire unit perished. Current events show a possible link to the Order, and there is an investigation to determine whether or not Major Parker allowed this atrocity to happen.

Artillery Combat

Unlike most combat, artillery combat (combat using the Long Range Fire command) does not continue until a unit is destroyed. Attack and defense strengths of the units are compared only once, and (if the defender loses the single round of combat) a point of damage is assessed against the defender. This reflects the nature of artillery combat, which is basically firing blind to harass and weaken the enemy. Note that land units can never be completely destroyed by artillery fire, and units in a base or bunker can never be damaged more than 50 , although repeated barrages will keep them from repairing damage. Targeting a square with no units for an artillery barrage actually attacks any terrain enhancments in the square.

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