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Peace: This rating gauges the safety and security of your population. Also, the larger your population is, the greater your peace rating can become. On the Province Level, this means having enough Cohorts to stop any hostile forces quickly before they can reach your city! The Barracks and Tower soldiers in your city will deal with riots and/or invaders, but they will not help your Peace rating. By the time they are needed, the rating will already have dropped. Make sure that any rebel or Barbarian activity is dealt with swiftly and decisively. Keep up a strong Legion and place your forts strategically throughout your province. The Peace rating will fall when a threat appears, but will rise if the threat is dealt with promptly. ^ Note: The Peace rating will not apply to City Level Only ) games.

Q Prosperity: The Prosperity rating is a measure of your i i financial management skills. It reflects how well you I | | balance taxation and government spending with the need to encourage business, industry, and population I— growth. A large population, and a large and thriving economy will bring in more industrial and population taxes. Do your best to stay out of debt, spend wisely, and strive for long periods of profitability.

Culture: This rating measures your city's cultural richness and diversity. An abundance of Schools, Libraries, and Hospitals will boost this rating, as will Gardens and Plazas, Religious buildings, and Entertainment centers. Population growth also helps to boost this rating.

Note: The buildings mentioned above will only boost your Culture rating if they lie within the tax coverage range of a Forum.

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