Note: This following section refers to the forums you will build in your city, not your personal Forum, which you will visit to hear advice, set tax rates, organize Plebs, etc. That one is discussed on page 56.

Forums are your city's centers of government. Their primary role is to collect industrial taxes from your businesses and population taxes from your citizens. They also act as gathering places for the masses, so people will want to live near them. An absence of forum access will limit a neighborhood's growth.

Your forums must be adequately linked via roads to all houses and businesses in the city. Forums send out Forum Clerks to visit housing areas and bring in municipal cash. A forum also has a square radius in which tax coverage is high regardless of the clerks. If you do not have adequate forum coverage, taxes may go uncollected, and your city will suffer.

There are three different classes of forums: Aventine, Janiculan, and Palatine. The more advanced classes occupy larger map areas and provide tax coverage for more territory, but they will be available only after your city advances a bit and your engineers develop their skills.

Any class of forum will grow visibly fancier if its land value rises, but it will always remain the same size.

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