Road: A good network of roads connecting your buildings is vital to your city. Many buildings need to be connected to other buildings in order for your city to function. Houses must be connected to Forums in order for your tax collectors to do their jobs. Markets must have roads for their traders to travel. Barracks and Towers send out soldiers, and Praefectures produce vigiles who need roads to patrol. And workers need roads between housing and their businesses.

While many buildings need roads, some do not. Bath Houses, Entertainment structures, Temples, and Schools are designed to be accessed on foot, and therefore do not need road access.

Roads do not evolve, they remain the same as long as they are adequately maintained. If you find that sections of your roads are disappearing spontaneously, check to make sure you have an adequate number of Plebs assigned to road duty (see Forum, Plebeian Tribune, page 64).

The cost displayed for road construction is cost per map square of road. You may place a road square by square, or you may hold your mouse button down and drag over the map to lay a length of road. Roads may be built through walls, under aqueducts, and over rivers to form bridges. A few buildings, like hospitals, schools, and libraries

Note: A Plaza serves the same purpose as a road, but it is nicer and has a positive effect on land values.

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