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Spell casting is the art of the druids and bards. Using runes, they can cast spells to aid you in developing the province and in fighting battles.Wooden runes may break during war, and they cannot be replaced on the battlefield. Stone runes can be used an unlimited number of times. These are the runes you must supply to your druids and bards.

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Acquire items through trade and use your resources to create others in the burg.When you arm a warrior with an item, which is done in the citadel, he will gain the added power of the item.The items can be exchanged or removed from a champion's possession at your will.

Famed items will also come into your hands when circumstances permit.The Goddess Danu will grant these treasures to you throughout the game. Each of these items will aid you in your quest for the High Ruler's crown and in the wars against Balor of the Evil Eye.The items are explained in Treasured Items, page 39.

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