Champions Of Krynn Journal

□Journal Entry 73

"After the battle I was taken to see a powerful cleric. He laughed at my defeat. They led me to some doors that glowed in the darkness, opened them with a key that he pulled from his robes, and took me to a dark temple. I saw a bronze dragon egg on the altar! He told me that they were going to start the corruptions again! Then he had his minions beat me.

"I woke up here. If it hadn't of been for the treachery of a dark elf, and a sneak attack from behind, they never would have captured me." He pauses. "I'm sorry for my men." he says, They had no idea what we were getting into. Krynn's blood,

I didn't know either. We were unprepared for the extent of the evil forces.

"The ambush was a complete surprise."

□ Journal Entry 74

Tanis's tale:

"I had heard of slaves being taken in the area, so I disguised myself and arranged to be captured. I have just managed to free the slaves here, but more are held to the south. I will organize the slaves here while you free the others. Then we will arrange a diversion to allow the slaves a chance to escape."

□ Journal Entry 75

"I am the only one left from the ambush. I was knocked out early in the combat. By the time I came to, the enemy was gone. Caramon is dead. I figure that they must have ganged up on him first. His was the only body left behind. You don't want to know what condition they left him in. Evidently they wanted to leave a warning to anyone who comcs after him. It was awful. I laid him out as best I could and have been working my way out of Throtl. We must get back and warn the Outpost!

"I don't understand how they could have known that we were coming. The ambush was obviously well planned. They knew exactly who was with us and exactly how to counter any attack we could muster."

  • Journal Entry 76
  • friend has many objects of value for sale...
  • great frog collection!!!...
  • sword that seems to be magical, at least undead creatures are afraid of it.,.
  • many potions for sale...
  • information about the incidents of undead and draconian incursions in the area...
  • a beautiful daughter...
  • Journal Entry 77

Base Commander's papers. You find:

A list of orders authorizing an attack on the knight's outpost.

A supply list, consisting mostly of implements of torture signed by someone known as the Prison Lord.

The final page is an order to turn all slain prisoners over to a Sir Lebaum.

□ Journal Entry 78

"Now, what do you know about that! They say that a real dragon lance has been found in the hills to the east. It also carries an enchantment that will force any dragon to your will if you but wound the beast.*

□ Journal Entry 79

Qravnak's story about the Quardian:

The oldest rulers of Kemen ordered the city's mages to create a deadly guardian for their castle. How they did it no one knows, but the magicians gave this thing to the king. Over the years it became unruly and was locked in the vaults below this building. We know of no way to harm it or chase it back to the vaults where it was kept. All we know is that an ancient tome in the library contains a recipe for a salve that will protect the wearer from the guardian's deadly bolts. You must construct this salve in the alchemist's study before you can succeed in passing the guardian."

□ Journal Entry 80

A few days after that, Stage three will begin. We have taken the pieces of the dragon orb that the kender shattered and have placed them in strategic spots all around Sanction. Raisflin's researches has determined that, under the right conditions, even a piece of the dragon orb can act as a powerful lure for dragons. Furthermore, each piece can be tuned to a particular type of dragon. He has been lost to us since the War, but his dark elf assistant has managed to create the spell out of Raistlin's notes. With our captured Dragonlances, we will destroy all the good dragons that remain in Krynn, and our final victory will then be all but assured.



□ Journal Entry 82

"So! At last, you've come to rescue me. You know these things are quite clever. Not clever enough for me of course. I've just been improving them somewhat. Oh dear, I do hope you didn't come through from the North...oh, sorry.

"I suppose you'll be wanting to get me out of here now. Oh, there are more people back there. Shangbourn is around here somewhere. He's looking for Caramon.

Oh, you want to find him, well that's an interesting story, you see when we first got together about two weeks ago..,

"Uh, I can help, you know. Caramon was taken somewhere south of here. I've been trying to reset traps in case more draconians and hobgoblins get here.

"Why don't we team up, OKI"

□ Journal Entry 83

"... the minotaurs have refused to coine to our aid. They are touchy beasts and I'm afraid that our emissary was less than diplomatic. We will attempt to contact them again but don't count on having their..."

The fragment ends.

□ Journal Entry 84

"...we have contacted the minotaurs. They will help us. I must go to Qargath, It is rumored that there is a dragonlance stored there. We must secure the keep and find the treasure room that is hidden there. The map of the keep shows those places where we believe the secret door may be located. Qive this map to your officers and..."

The fragment ends

□ Journal Entry 85

"The cavernous maw of the great beast is used as the entrance to the temple. The dragon's head is being artificially preserved through magic. We need the dragon's fangs in order to complete our spell. If they can be brought to us we can prevent draconians from ever...

□ Journal Entry 81



■ Gargath

■ Outpost 2

■ Jeleck


X Outpost 3

■ Sanction

"I am Angar, one of the real guards of the outpost. We were overrun about a week ago by a draconian army I was coming in from a patrol when I saw them taking over. They were everywhere..."

He slumps down on the bed. You notice that lie desperately needs food and rest, but he waves off your help and continues his story,

"I hid and they missed me, but they captured most of the other guards. They are being held in the outpost jail. Also, they're guarding the north side of town heavily. I think they might have hostages there too."

□ Journal Entry 88

"Just before the Temple of Duerghast was closed, dead bodies were seen being carried into the arena in the Temple's northwest comer. There were hundreds of them. It has been discovered that the Death Knight, Sir Lebaum, has taken over the Temple and has gathered together the exhumed dead for miles around.

"There is no way that you can get into the temple through the front gates. You must get the Shadowpeople's support. They have tunnels that cross from the Temple of Huerzyd to the Temple of Duerghast." She pulls out an amulet. This amulet will let you through a secret door. The Shadowpeople will find you once you enter Huerzyd."


"Hey, Jorclack! You wanta' play tonight? I think we can get at least two other guys. I'm gonna win those steel pieces back from you."

3 Tavern Tale 2 "Even giants are being seen nearer the outpost. Qlad we have some rangers and dwarves in the company."

"Kernen can no longer be approached at all. Too many dragons in the air."

Hey, Jorclack! What in blazes were you doing up in the slum area! You rubbin' shoulders with the local scum!"

There are secret doors that lead into the old entrance to the keep. The Draconians have built up around the entrance in order to prevent people from getting into it,"

"The Castellan of Qargath was rumored to be holding a dragonlance in one of his treasure rooms. With it we can prevail against the evil dragons."

"Here's a drink to all the knights buried in Jelek's graveyard,- may they rest in peace forever."

Minotaur Tavern Keeper

"I hear that they're gonna be hiring mercenaries down in Sanction. I say we get out of this hick town and go down to where the real action is."

"Strange how those folks in Jelek fooled us so well. Evil has always been skilled at duplicity."

"I hear that Sanction is slowly being infested with Ogres, Minotaurs and Draconians. The Temple of Puerghast is even showing signs of life. It would be an dark day indeed if that place comes back."

"It's good to see that Jelek is holding against the tide of evil."

"We've been finding lots of emptied graves. Someone is collecting bodies."

"With Sir Dargaard's treasure rescued, we are sure to push the draconians back."

"Those blasted Minotaurs have taken over the entire western section of town! The docks are almost completely under their control. Those that aren't are the pleasure boat docks that don't have any warehouses. How am I supposed to get my lumber into the city if I can't use the port! Things are going from bad to worse down here. I should have stayed in Jelek."

"Enemy scouts have been patrolling closer to the outposts. They'll be on the run when the good armies get there."

"Now lissen here, yer Red Dragon is by far the best at nose-to-nose, claw-to-claw fightin'. But for breathin", gimme a green any day."

"A young woman has her eye on Sir Karl. Its making him uncomfortable."

"Maya's on the warpath, she's always been sweet on Sir Karl."

  • Tavern Tale 19 "Draconians have been seen near Throtl. Tilings are heating up."
  • Tavern Tale 20

"...There's something weird going on here. My son was saying that he saw a zombie. I told him he was crazy...but I don't know, he's not usually given to making up stories..."

" I was sayin', why we gotta do all this stuff! Why don't we just go down there and take the thing! And you know what, that's exactly what we did. That Lance is ours! Of course, my officer took all the credit for himself. Cretin. He couldn't hold the dull end of a sword if he didn't have us to teach him..."

  • Tavern Tale 22
  • Throtl is starting to crawl with monsters. Some of our scouts have been harassed."
  • Tavern Tale 23

"Its been too quiet for too long. Something's got to happen soon."

"Scouts are starting to report evil forces on the march everywhere."

"Enemy patrols hold most of the cities in the area. Hope the army gets here soon. It's galling to let them operate so openly."

"It's a shame that people on our side could just abandon the slaves that way."

Wagon Train Having Party

"The slaughtered wagon train was carrying a magic tome. Perhaps it held the secret of the corruption process."

"The evil forces have dragon eggs, We can look forward to more draconians if they can rediscover the corruption process."

"Once the armies are here, we will sweep the area clean of evil for the final time."

"I thought that the good armies had destroyed the Draconians! Well it just goes to show you can t trust anyone anymore. Where are the Solamnic Knights now! Why weren't they here when those foul reptiles took over our town."

"...I tell you that grave was breathin'! The dirt was risin' up and down, just like it was takin' in air. I lit outa there as fast as these stumpy legs couid carry me..."

"... a silver dragon! They say they loved each other but how do you figure! What can a man and a dragon do! I don't know. I got sick and tired of all the moping about."

"It's a shame about Sir Karl though. They say he was killed up north somewhere. He was an OK guy, Treated you right."

"We got the fires out, but the enemy escaped with Sir Karl. Those Auraks can control the minds of our toughest people."

"Nothing's been seen in Ttirotl for months. The place is boring."

  • Tavern Tale 35 "Annoying guides they give you in Jelek, but I suppose they can't be too careful."
  • Tavern Tale 36

"A moment of silence for Sir Karl, a brave Knight of the Rose. He truly followed the Oath and the Measure."

"The draconians were led by an Aurak. They're very deadly."

"I wonder if they could have saved Sir Karl's life if they tried harder,"

"I tell you I saw dragons! They were flying around the top of the keep! Black ones they were. Except for one real big one. I think it was a red."

"Don't drink the beer. The bartender washes his feet in it."

"No, he never came back, He was on a boat that went out onto the Blood Sea of Istar and never came back. Somebody said they actually went down the Maelstrom.,.but that's crazy, nobody would sail close to that thing...anyway I haven't been able..."

  • Tavern Tale 42 "What ever happened to that Dragonlance that the Castellan had during the last war? I know for a fact that it was never returned to the good armies. Blast it man, I was with the Castellan's armorer, all of the weapons went through us and that Dragonlance was never returned!"
  • Tavern Tale 43

The enemy's rear guard was seen heading south. Too bad most of us are stuck guarding this outpost, we could chase them down in a few days."

"Qargath is crawling with evil forces. Hopefully Caramon can raise the armies quickly."

"I've heard they ignored Sir Karl's last wish and let the slaves fend for themselves."

"It was the strangest thing. I was walking past the old building by the graveyard, you know, the one with no door on this side, and I was hit by an incredibly cold wind. You know how warm it was yesterday. It only hit me for a second, but it was scary."

YfS i

J Tavern Tale 47 "The armies will be here soon. This lime it will be a quick war. The evil forces can't compete."

"...yeah, I went to see the guy. He said he didn't need tired old scum! The bleepard said nobody who lives in Sanction is good enough for his army. He's spread the word that professional soldiers are needed. Humph. Didn't I fight with Tanis and Caramon in the last war! ... Scum, he said!"

"I've heard that Caramon has gotten the first elements of the army on the march. They'll soon be here,"

"...every graveyard within a hundred miles of this place has been looted. Qraves left open, tombs cracked and broken. It's eerie. Funny thing though, a lot of the valuable stuff has been left behind. Weapons and armor was gone, but any jewelry or other items of value that was buried along with them is still there.

Another thing, some of these tombs look as if they were opened from the inside..."

"Yeah, Sanction is gonna start up trade again. Me and Lancrent are gonna go down there and start up our lumber import business again. The docks are rebuilt and open for business."

  • Tavern Tale 52
  • Too bad about all those slaves in Neraka, slaughtered and hauled off and enslaved again as undead."
  • Tavern Tale 53

"...the Shadowpeople are still around. They say they've got tunnels that run all around underneath the city. That captain that's trying to hire mercenaries is pumping people for information about the Shadowpeople and their tunnels. He's stupid though. Nobody finds those tunnels if the Shadow-people don't want 'em found—at least, if they're found, nobody returns to tell about it."

"It was a good thing they found the good dragon eggs in the prison. I've heard that the good dragons are heading down because of that."

That was the draconian leader that led the attack. He's an Aurak named Myrtani."

"Who are these guys that have taken over? I see soldiers with the number 101 tattooed on their arms. What gives!"

Those rescued slaves had horrible stories to tell. We're sure glad they were helped to escape."

First Level Clerical Spells

Bless improves the THAC0 of friendly characters by 1. The bless spell does not affect characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell is cast. This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 HP (up to the target's normal maximum HP).

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical. View a character's items or Take treasure items. Equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' or a '+' is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2 against evil attackers.

Resist Cold halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. cold attacks by 3.

Second Level Clerical Spells

Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the character's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc), goblin or hobgoblin. You may aim a hold person spell at up to 3 targets (hold person target less).

Resist Fire halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. fire attacks by 3.

Silence 15' Radius must be cast on a character or a monster. That character or monster, and all adjacent to him, cannot cast spells for the duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many HP of snakes as the cleric has HP.

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is automatically Readied. It can strike at range and does normal hammer damage.

Third Level Clerical Spells

Cure Blindness removes the effect of the Cause Blindness spell.

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or caused by a Cause Disease spell.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific counter spells. This is a recuperation spell for any of the party that has been held, slowed or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THAC0 and saving throws of friendly characters by I and reduces the THAC0 and saving throw of monsters by I. This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows the target to unready cursed magic items.

Fourth Level Clerical Spells

Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 HP (up to the target's normal maximum HP).

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Protection from Evil 10' Radius must be cast on a character or a monster. It improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all adjacent friendly characters by 2 against evil attackers.

Sticks to Snakes causes snakes to harass the target. The target is unable to attack or cast spells for the duration of the spell.

First Level Mage Spells

Burning Hands causes 1 HP of fire damage per level of the caster. There is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in a combat. It only affects character types (human, etc), goblins or hobgoblins.

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical. View a character's items or Take treasure items. Equipment or treasure preceded by an " or a V are magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger. The higher the caster's level, the larger and stronger the target gets. If the caster is 6th level the target becomes as strong as an Ogre. If the caster is 10th level the target becomes as strong as a Fire Giant. A target can only be under the effect of 1 enlarge spell at a time. Unwilling targets get a saving throw against this effect. The spell will stay in effect for more than 1 combat, and should be cast before combat.

Friends raises the caster's charisma 2-8 points. It is often cast just before an encounter.

Magic Missile does 2-5 HP per missile with no saving throw. A mage throws I missile at lst-2nd level, 2 missiles at 3rd- 4th level, 3 missiles at 5th-6th level, and 4 missiles at 7th-8th level. This spell will damage any target within its range unless the target is magic resistant or has certain magical protection. Casts instantaneously.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2 against evil attackers.

Read Magic allows a mage to ready a scroll and read it. For scrolls, this works as if they have been identified. A mage may scribe the spells from a scroll (if appropriate for his class and level) after it has been read.

Shield negates the magic missile spell, improves the mage's saving throw, and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does electrical damage of 1-8 HP, +1 HP per level of caster.

Sleep puts 1-16 targets to sleep with no saving throw. Up to sixteen t hit-die targets are affected. One 4 hit-die target is affected. Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.

Second Level Mage Spells

Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible targets.

Invisibility makes the target invisible. The THAC0 of melee attacks against invisible targets is reduced by 4. It is impossible to aim ranged attacks at invisible targets. Invisibility is dispelled when the target attacks or casts a spell.

Knock is used to open locks. It can be cast from the door-opening menu if the active character has a memorized knock spell.

Mirror Image creates I -4 illusionary duplicates of the mage. A duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% + 2% per level of the caster.

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its area for 2-5 rounds. If the target saves, it is not paralyzed, but is nauseous and has its AC reduced for 2 rounds. This spell has a very short range and care should be taken to avoid Including party members in the cloud.

Strength raises the target's strength by I -6 points, depending on the class of the target.

Third Level Mage Spells

Blink protects the mage. The mage 'blinks out' after he acts each round. The mage may be physically attacked before he acts each round, but he may not be physically attacked after he acts.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific counter spells.

Fireball does I d6 HP per level of the caster to all targets within its area. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved. A fireball has a 2 square radius outdoors and a 5 square radius indoors. Fireball is a slow-casting spell and the spell's power demands that you target carefully. Otherwise, you may inadvertently destroy party characters. When indoors, the only safe area on the screen at the time you target the spells are the squares in each corner of the screen and the squares directly above and below these corner squares. Be sure to center to determine who will be in the area of effect.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per round. Haste has a short duration and you should wait until a fight is imminent to cast it, Warning: each time a haste spell is cast on a character, that character ages one year.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc), goblin or hobgoblin. You may aim a hold person spell at up to 4 targets (Exit to target less).

Invisibility, 10' Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster invisible. The THAC0 of melee attacks against invisible targets is reduced by 4. It is impossible to aim ranged attacks at invisible targets. Use this spell to set up a battle line while the bad guys seek you out. Characters lose invisibility if they do anything but move. Some monsters can see invisible creatures.

Lightning Bolt does ld6 HP per level of the caster to targets along its path. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved. A lightning bolt is 4 or 8 squares long in a line away from the caster, For best results, move the spell caster to send the bolt down a row of opponents. It will attack all opponents along the line within its range. Target the first creature in the row (closest to caster). Lightning bolts will reflect off walls back toward the spell caster. This permits targets adjacent or close to a wall to be hit twice by the same boll. Be careful the caster isn't hit by the reflected bolt.

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius protects the target and all characters adjacent to the target. The spell improves the AC and saving throws of those it protects by 2 against evil attackers.

Protection from normal Missiles makes the target immune to non-magical missiles.

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster. The spell halves the target's movement and number of melee attacks per round. Slow can be used to negate a haste spell. This spell is useful against any high-damage creature. Only affects the side opposing the spell caster.

Fourth Level Mage Spells.

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat. It will work on any living creature. The spell affects 2-8 Ist-level targets, 1-4 2nd-level targets, 1-2 3rd-level targets, or I target of 4th-level or above.

Confusion affects 2-16 targets. Each target must make a saving throw each round or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror or go berserk. Confusion is most effective when used against a large number of enemies.

Dimension Door allows the mage to teleport himself to another point on the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the spell. Mages can use it for quick escapes. Fighter/mages use the "Door" to reach the opposition's rear area.

Fear causes all within its area to flee.

Fire Shield protects the mage so that any creature who hits the mage in melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return. The shield may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks. The mage takes half damage (no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his saving throw against the opposite form of attack improved by 2. He takes double damage from the form of attack the shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to be unable to move or attack. If the target makes his saving throw, he is affected by a slow spell.

Ice Storm does 3-30 HP to all targets within its area. There is no saving throw. This spell will inflict damage on opponents protected by Minor Globes of Invulnerability.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming first, second, or third-level spells. The Globe is very effective when used in combination with Fire Shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows the target to unready cursed magic items.

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