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Have you ever wondered why more people don't like you as much as you feel they should? Are you a nice person that simply doesn't get the attention and love from other people that you should? Believe it or not, this is not your fault, and it's nothing about you! All you have to do is find the method to use with people to make them like you, and have NO idea why they like you so much. The method is called Automagnetism. Automagnetism is the way that you carry yourself that suggests things to people's minds that makes them like you without ever knowing way. You will be able to set yourself apart once you use the Likeability Blueprint; people won't know what hit them! All that it takes is a little bit of solid effort, and you can be on your way to getting people all over the place to like you! Continue reading...

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Charisma CHA

Charisma measures a character s force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead and physical attractiveness. This ability represents actual strength of personality, not merely how one is perceived by others in a social setting. Charisma is most important for paladins, sorcerers and bards. It is also important for clerics, since it affects their ability to turn undead. Sorcerers and bards get bonus spells based on their Charisma scores. The minimum Charisma score needed to cast a sorcerer or bard spell is 10 + the spells level. You apply your character s Charisma modifier to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Perform and Use Magic Device checks. These are the skills that have Charisma as their key ability. +2 Constitution, 2 Charisma +2 Strength, 2 Intelligence, 2 Charisma

Tue spirit of me land

KroIui (nought cvcRythlng into being. He pRcsldcd as the singuluR COustcR of Andania8 dauin. UJhilc he uias pleased uilth rhe endless derails of this ncuily cRaFtcd uiildcRncss. something uias still missing. SelF-admiRation For his accomplishments uias not enough. 11c ftRought humar kind Inro the tuoKld so that they may take joy in his cRcation and rcvcrc his might ami shill.

Known Alien Races Races in the Alliance of Free Stars

Shofixti A Shofixti resembles a large marsupial carnivore - sort of a killer shrew - who exhibits furious aggressive behavior contained within a strong ethical framework. When the Yehat first found them in 2075, the Shofixti were living in fortified mud castles in a feudal society similar to medieval Japan. The Yehat had such admiration for these feisty little warriors that they immediately adopted them and took responsibility for the Shofixti's uplift, swearing that no peace-loving race would be allowed to dilute the Shofixti's noble warlike tendencies. During the war the primary responsibility of the Shofixti star-ships was to act as advanced scouts, establishing mines, colonies, and fortifications throughout the stars.

Encounter Adjustments

Whenever the party encounters an NPC, a reaction roll will be made. This will be a simulated roll of two 10-sided dice. Modifiers will be applied according to the party leader's Charisma and the reputation of the party. The specific NPC may also have a modifier to the encounter adjustment. Encounter adjustments affect how people that you are talking to perceive you. It will affect whether they are willing to give you much information and will improve prices of items in stores, if you purchase them when you have a good encounter adjustment. Note to the unwary Some spells improve the Charisma of your party relative to others - for example, the Charm spells. When these spells wear off your Charisma will be greatly lowered in the eyes of those

Friends Enchantment Charm

A Friends spell causes the wizard to temporarily gain 2d4 points of Charisma. Those who view the caster tend to be very impressed with the spellcaster and make an effort to be his friends and help him, as appropriate to the situation. Officious bureaucrats might decide to become helpful surly gate guards might wax informative attacking orcs might spare the caster's life, taking him captive instead.

Adventuring In Targos

Charisma Based Skills Charisma-based skills, like Bluff, Intimidate, and Diplomacy, will allow you to reap greater financial rewards from quests in Targos as well as short-circuit some quests simply by persuading people to let you do things your way. You won't lose any experience by doing things this way - in fact, you'll be rewarded for using your Charisma-based skills to bend the quests you encounter to your will. Stubborn NPCs Some of the folk in Targos are as stubborn as a mule. If you can't get them to help you, or if you can't convince them of something, you may want to switch to a high Charisma or Intelligent character and let them do the talking.

The Emergence of Empires

These rivalries undoubtedly date back to the earliest nomadic tribes - indeed, struggles for territory and resources remain common to this day. All the great civilisations of recorded history have had their share of great rivals the Greeks had the Persians, the Romans had the Carthaginians, the English had the French, and so on. Often, individuals arose who were instrumental in guiding their civilisation and people to prominence. Legendary leaders such as Alexander the Great and Napoleon expanded their empires rapidly, dominating local and foreign populations with their charisma, diplomatic guile, and military strength. Such conquerors became heroes to many and villains to many others.

Career Advancement Skills

You can see your Sims' skill standing by clicking on the Job button for the selected Sim. Skill totals are displayed as highlighted bars next to the designated skill. Skill areas relevant to the current position are underlined. In order for your Sim to get a promotion, they need to Increase their relevant skill points to the position of the light-coloured vertical bar connected to the underline. When they reach that next promotion level (and you see a promotion dialog), new underline highlight bars indicate new promotional goals for the next job on that career track. Some of those enhancement opportunities might not be so obvious for Instance, having a mirror In the home gives your Sim a chance to enhance their Charisma (by practising public speaking and personal charm), which can Improve their job chances. So do forgive your Sims if they seem to spend too much time searching for pimples In front of the mirror they're just ambitious. But they have to be In a good mood to work on...

Conquest Of The New World

Effect of a Leader Your Leader determines how many attacks you can initiate per combat turn. He also affects the morale of your units (through Charisma) and those of your enemy (through Reputation). If you win the battle, your Leader will gain experience points that can be allocated toward improving any of his attributes except for Reputation. A Leader's Reputation depends on all his combat successes and failures.

Stores Inns Taverns and Temples

ADVENTURER'S TIP Prices in stores can vary according to the Charisma of the buying or selling character as well as the Mercantile Background feat, and it can also vary based on how many items of a particular type the store already carries. (If Deirdre in the Targos Trade Depot already has fifty goblin battle axes, and you bring her another, then chances are, you won't get top dollar for it.)

Character Generation in Baldurs Gate

You'll see a screen with the abilities the computer has randomly determined for your character (calculated as if you rolled three 6-sided dice for each ability, adjusted for character race). Any class minimums will be automatically selected for the character for abilities that were too low (i.e. if the character needs a 17 charisma to be a paladin, and the computer rolled a 12, then the character will receive 17). You can subtract points from an ability to add to another however, you cannot take points away from an ability if it will lower the ability below racial or class minimums. Each ability will have a caption describing it. Reroll your abilities as many times as you like until you reach a combination you are happy with.

Katie PwwkjtlAt PPEFtLt

Long presumed dead, tone is tte charismatic leader of tte Brotherhood of Mod. Although he appears to be in his thirties, with his trademark sadist* grin and bald head, Kane's age is indeterminate. Incteed, many of hi followers maintain tte tebef that he is no longer rrortel

Mercenaries and Heroes

Most of these units require both an initial fee (in gold, with a higher fee for more experienced units) to join you and upkeep costs (in gold and food, although heroes require no food). If you agree to let them join your forces, the initial payment amount is withdrawn from your gold reserves and the unit (activated) appears in your enchanted fortress. The special ability Charismatic (see Special Abilities) or a higher level of fame allows your wizard to hire troops at a lower initial cost. After you have hired mercenaries or heroes, they are under your control and do not leave until they die or you dismiss them.

The Scrutiny of Earth Intensifies

Meanwhile, a new religious order, known as Homo Deus, or The Godly Men, was founded in the aftermath of the Small War and the emotional turmoil caused by the destruction of the Holy Lands. Its charismatic founder, former car salesman lason MacBride, built his worldwide following on the thesis that the Millennium was near. MacBride even predicted a specific date, March 11, 2046, when Heaven and Earth would join, and each devout person would be elevated to a divine status. The movement captured the imagination of millions of poor and disillusioned individuals worldwide. Within a few years, Brother lason was one of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

Kel Thuzad and the Cult of the Damned

To help the Archmage accomplish his mission, Ner'zhul left Kel'Thuzad's humanity intact. The aged, yet still charismatic wizard was charged with using his powers of illusion and persuasion to lull the downtrodden, disenfranchised masses of Lordaeron into a confidence. Once he had their attention, he would offer them a new vision of what society could be - and a new figurehead to call their king .

Warlords Battlecry 2 Appendix

A hero has four statistics strength, intelligence, dexterity, and charisma. These statistics are used to calculate the hero's ten skills. Initially these statistics and skills are determined by the hero's race, and cannot be altered. To see a hero's statistics from within the game, right-click once on the hero picture in the bottom Control Panel. To see a hero's skills, right-click twice on the hero picture. Charisma -Dexterity -Strength -Charisma -Intelligence

Racial Ability Adjustments Table

Dwarf +2 Constitution, +1 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -2 Charisma Half-Giant +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma Halfling +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -1 Constitution, -1 Charisma, -2 Strength Mul +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, -1 Intelligence, -2 Charisma Thri-kreen +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom, -1 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Warriors and Strategists

Numerous historic figures have had the label hero applied to them. Of these individuals, many had military careers while others were statesmen or politicians. A number were both. All commanded respect and obedience, inspiring those around them with their courage, charisma, and self-confidence.

Statistics And Skills

A hero has four statistics strength, dexterity, intelligence, and charisma, initially determined by the hero's race and class, and cannot be altered. For detailed tables on these statistics, see Appendix A, starting on page 35. To see a hero's statistics from within the game, right-click once on the hero picture in the bottom control panel. CHARISMA

Characters your heroes

Nilea was their only child, and inherited the organizational skills of her mother as well as the technical skills and logical thinking of her father. She started as technical officer in the Martian army, but rose fast in the ranks until she was promoted to Captain and received one of the newest and strongest ships in the army to command, a corvette. She is not only ambitious, but will defend the Martian's rights at all costs, so she will certainly be a charismatic leader. As well as being open-minded, Nilea is also very sensitive to science, and as such she believes in the

Changes to Non Player Characters

PERSONALITY (PER) The friendliness of a character, it affects the way he or she interacts with NPCs. Characters with high personality tend to be extroverted and charismatic. Low personality characters are more introverted, laid back, and shy. A good blend of personalities will help your party to get along with the many different creatures within Wizardry while some NPCs are candid and prone to shaking hands, others are more reserved and will appreciate those with similar attitudes.


Your regard with other nations is critical to your success in the realm of diplomacy. What your fellow world leaders think of you, your government, and your policies, both foreign and domestic, is a very important indicator to monitor. High regard on behalf of other empires means that they are more likely to grant your diplomatic requests. On the other hand, low regard might indicate that a nation is angry, mistrustful, and may even be on the brink of declaring war on you. Your overall regard within the world community as a whole is important as well. If other leaders see that you are well-liked across the world, they are more inclined to trust you. Low regard with many nations might nudge your rivals against you.


A bit shorter than dwarves, halflings can usually be spotted by their curly hair and round, broad facial features. They are plump, quiet, and well-liked by the other races, especially the gnomes. When adventuring, halflings show their mettle by their innate resistance to magic and the +1 bonus they receive for their skill with slings.


Once you have finalized your character's physical appearance, right-click the downward-pointing orange arrow to your left (you may have to move your character to see this arrow). Right-clicking the upward-pointing arrow will take you back to the previous step of the character creation process, though it will not reset any of your choices.

The Dialog Window

Dialog uses a menu-based system where you Left-click on what you want to say from a list, or you can also use the number pad to select the number of the dialog response you want to use. What is available to be said varies according to the reaction adjustment and Charisma of the Nameless One. When more text scrolls up in the window than can be read at once, or when dialog is paused to give you a chance to read can be reviewed with scroll arrows on the right (up or down).

Contagion Necromancy

This spell causes a major disease and weakness in a creature. The afflicted individual is immediately stricken with painful and distracting symptoms boils, blotches, lesions, seeping abscesses, and so on. Strength, Dexterity, and Charisma are reduced by 2. The afflicted creature is also slowed. These effects persist until the character receives a cure disease spell. A fortitude save negates the effects.


In the left column you can see your own possessions, in the right column you see what the merchant has to offer. First click on an item in one of the columns and then click the Buy Sell button, upon which the merchant will make an offer, which you can accepl or reject. Depending on your characler attribute Charisma , (he offer you receive will be good or bad.

Name Rhianne Burke

A strong woman with an amazing amount of charisma. Princess Rhianne enjoys a great deal of support among the Aeon. However, intercepts of Aeon communication signals seem to indicate that Princess Rhianne is attempting to steer the Aeon in a new direction The emphasis is on establishing a lasting peace as opposed to cleansing. It remains to be seen if that is a genuine, substantial shift, or merely Aeon propaganda.


Sorcerers are practitioners of magic who were born with the innate ability to cast spells. It is thought that the blood of some powerful creature flows through their veins perhaps they are the spawn of the gods themselves, or even dragons walking in humanoid form. Regardless, the sorcerer's magic is intuitive rather than logical. They know fewer spells than wizards, and acquire spells more slowly, but they can cast spells more often and have no need to select and prepare spells ahead of time. Sorcerers cannot specialize in magic the way wizards do. Other than these differences, a sorcerer is very similar to the wizard. A sorcerer's prime requisite is Charisma.


Dwarves (Shield Dwarves) Shield Dwarves are short stocky humanoids with ruddy cheeks, dark eyes, and dark hair. Though there are exceptions, they tend to be a dour and taciturn people. Dwarves have a natural resistance to magic and poison and possess darkvision, which allows them to see objects in the dark. Advantages +2 to Constitution, +2 to Search, +2 to Fortitude saves against poison, +2 to saves against spells, +1 to hit vs. orcs, goblins, and bugbears, +4 to AC vs. giants, and darkvision. Disadvantages -2 to Charisma. Favored Class Fighter Disadvantages -4 to Charisma, character level is considered 2 levels higher when the experience for advancing levels is determined, -2 to hit, damage, and saving throws when outside during the day. Favored Class Fighter


Advantages A +2 to Wisdom, + to 2 Charisma, Darkvision, Sunscorch 1 day, and +5 to Acid, Cold, and Electrical Resistances. Advantages A +2 to Intelligence, +2 to Bluff and Hide skill checks, +2 to Dexterity, 5 points of Cold, Fire, and Electrical Resistances, can cast Blindness 1 Day and darkvision. Disadvantages A -2 to Charisma, and character level is considered 1 level higher when the experience for advancing levels is determined. Favored Class Rogue

Dialogue Window

ADVENTURER'S TIP Keep in mind that your options can vary depending on your character's statistics (Intelligence, Charisma), their class, race, and skills. If you're not having much luck with an NPC with one character, try speaking to him with another with a different race, a higher Intelligence or Charisma abilities, or different skills.


Bards and sorcerers, unlike wizards, can cast any spell they know, without any need for preparation. However, the spell selection is more limited than wizards and like all spellcasters, they can only cast a limited number of spells each day. This limit is based on their level, although a high Charisma score will allow them to cast a few additional spells. However, to cast any arcane spell, a bard or sorcerer must have a Charisma of at least 10 + the spells level.


Advantages A +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Wisdom, +2 to Search, +2 to Hide (+4 when Inside ), Spell Resistance of 11 + level, + 1 to hit vs. kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, +4 Miscellaneous bonus to AC, Mirror Image 1 day, Invisibility 1 day, Blur 1 day, Nondetection, and darkvision. Disadvantages -2 to Strength, -4 to Charisma, character level is considered 3 levels higher when the experience for advancing levels is determined Favored Class Illusionist Specialist Wizard


Each creature has a base morale level that affects whether it fights or runs during a battle. The only character that is unaffected by morale is the first character you create - other characters joining your party have morale dialogue and scripts. Every creature is scripted to react somewhat differently when morale breaks - and often they will break at different levels of morale, or choose different types of attack depending on what the current morale level is (melee if morale is high, ranged attacks if morale is lower, for example). Each creature has a recovery time which indicates how long it takes for that creature's morale to return to its base level - if someone's morale fails, it will slowly creep back to the baseline. If someone in your party fails a morale check their selection circle will turn yellow (from green). Morale is positively influenced by having a leader (the topmost character in the portraits) with high Charisma, by the environment that the creature is located in...

Basic Combat

When units get damaged, they may panic (lose morale) and retreat one square back towards their reserves. The more damage they have taken, the more likely that they will retreat. Their morale is also affected by the Charisma of their Leader and the Reputation of the opposing Leader. The higher their Leader's Charisma, the less likely they are to panic. The higher the Reputation of the opposing Leader, the more likely they are to panic. If a unit's path of retreat is blocked, the panicked unit will suffer an additional point of damage and remain in the same location.


Dwarves Dwarves are short stocky fellows, easily identifiable by their size and shape. They have ruddy cheeks, dark eyes, and dark hair. Dwarves tend to be dour and taciturn. Dwarves have a natural resistance to magic and poison. They possess infravision, which allows them to see in the dark. They gain a bonus to their Constitution, but incur a penalty to their Charisma. Half-Orcs Half-orcs are born from the union of human and orc parents. They are as tall as humans, but a little heavier due to their muscular builds. Their greenish pigmentation, sloping forehead, jutting jaw, prominent teeth and coarse body hair make their lineage plain for all to see. In the lands of Amn, half-orcs are tolerated, unlike in the north where the people of Amn haven't had centuries of warfare with orc kind. Half-orcs are known for their great strength. They receive a bonus to their strength and constitution, but a penalty to intelligence and charisma.


After your character's portrait card has joined the other choices at the bottom of the screen, three attribute cards are dealt. The card in the center displays basic information about your character, from his or her age, armor class, level, and hit points to the six attributes of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Left-click on the Reroll card and a new set of numbers for your character are randomly generated. Left-click on the Edit card, and you may decide what numbers appear for each of the six attributes and your character's hit points.

Purpose Of Actions

As the charismatic leader of your fledgling Faction, you must execute actions to make changes in the world. Actions ore the only way you can directly influence the game world. Each character can perform up to two actions a day for three In the case of your Avatar, who needs no rest segment). Try to ensure that your charactors are always working toward 1 common goal Your initial aims arc to

Egypt Welcomes

A charismatic leader has arisen. His dream is first to unite all the settlements in the region, and then unite all of Egypt. As you ponder this dream, you have a vision a thriving city stretches out before you. Abundant farms feed a hungry citizenry. Thousands tend to their daily tasks protecting the city, ensuring its wealth, educating its youth, worshiping its gods, tending to its dead. The voices of your people float in the breeze and reverberate through the streets.

Xeno Relations

The Alien Management Center is used to control the alien population of an occupied colony. This facility assimilates conquered populations at the rate of 1 per 2 turns, regardless of government. The adjustment for a Charismatic or Repulsive race is applied to this base rate. This building also removes the 20 morale penalty from multi-racial colonies, and it halves the unrest of the assimilated populations, decreasing the chance of revolt.


During the mid-twelfth century, after the Church of Zakarum had gained prominence in the East, the Church decreed that the visions of Akarat would be spread throughout the known world in order to redeem the masses. Thus, the Church selected a group of its most charismatic and devoted priests and sent them on a mission to proselytize the people of the West.


Personality (PER) Is the overall friendliness of a character, and affects the way a character interacts with NPCs in the dungeon. Characters with high Personality tend to be extroverted and charismatic. Low Personality characters, on the other hand, are more introverted and shy.

Famous Expeditions

This is an extremely difficult expedition for a fighter. You must rely on your superb and charismatic leadership to overwhelm enemies in hand-to-hand combat before they wipe out your tiny forces. Exploit and maintain the high morale of your small band. Don't get into pitched battles. Instead, always seek to meet the enemy leaders sword to sword and defeat them quickly. Needless to say, skill in fencing is advised.

Knight Marshal Cads

Limited Spell Caster Once per battle, he can heal all wounds on all friendly units. Cavalry Recruiter He purchases and researches Light Cavalry and Cavalry units at a discount. Charismatic Units under his command gain a +20 morale bonus, making them less likely to become disordered or broken.

Ability Scores

You'll see a screen with the abilities the computer has randomly determined for your character (calculated as if you rolled three 6-sided dice for each ability, adjusted for character race). Any class minimums will be automatically selected for the character for abilities that were too low (i. e. if the character needs a 17 charisma to be a paladin, and the computer rolled a 12, then the character will receive 17). You can subtract points from an ability to add to another however, you cannot take points away from an ability if it will lower the ability below racial or class minimums. Each ability will have a caption describing it. Reroll your abilities as many times as you like until you reach a combination you are happy with.You can save a roll and later recall it with the save and recall buttons

Character Classes

Paladins can fight with any armor or weapons and can cast a few clerical spells at high levels. Paladins can have exceptional strength and gain additional HP bonuses if they have a Constitution of 17+. They are more resistant to spells and poison, can turn undead creatures as if they were a cleric two levels below their current level and are always surrounded by the equivalent of a protection from evil spell. A paladin may heal 2 HP of damage per level once a day. A paladin may cure disease once a week at lst-5th level, twice a week at 6th-10th level, and three times a week at 11 th level. A paladin will not adventure with any evil characters. Paladins must be of lawful good alignment and have ability scores of at least 9 in intelligence and wisdom, at least 12 in strength, at least 13 in wisdom, and at least 17 in charisma. The prime requisites for paladins are strength and wisdom.

Baldurs Gate Races

Dwarves Dwarves are short stocky fellows, easily identifiable by their size and shape. They have ruddy cheeks, dark eyes, and dark hair. Dwarves tend to be dour and taciturn. Dwarves have a natural resistance to magic and poison. They possess infravision, which allows them to see in the dark. They gain a bonus to their Constitution, but incur a penalty to their Charisma and Dexterity.

The Art Of Diplomacy

Your diplomatic relations with enemy wizards depend primarily on your actions. Positive diplomatic actions on your part improve relations, while negative diplomatic actions harm relations. Like most things, diplomatic relations tend to slide back to their base level (the original state of affairs) when you do nothing at all. Note that all diplomatic relations are easier if your wizard is Charismatic (see Special Abilities).

Turning Undead

One important, and potentially life-saving, combat ability available to clerics and paladins is the ability to turn undead (note that druids cannot turn undead). Through the cleric or paladin, their deity manifests a portion of its power, terrifying undead creatures or blasting them out of existence. However, since this power must be channeled through a mortal vessel, success is not always assured. This ability is a mode selection for that character - nothing else can be attempted while she is attempting to turn undead. Good clerics and paladins can turn undead so they lose morale and run away, or (less often) destroy them outright. Evil clerics can sometimes gain control of undead, who can then perform actions for the cleric. The turning undead ability improves with level, but it can never be done more than three plus the character's Charisma modifier times per rest period.

Character Generation

Charisma A high Charisma stat means that people are more likely to listen to you, and even believe what you say, you're so convincing. A high Charisma allows you to successfully bluff people more frequently. It's not easy figuring out which stats are most important. Some of that depends on your style of play. If you like to go into a room with your sword swinging then Strength or even Dexterity might be your best bet. If, however, you like to talk your way through some situations and bamboozle your foes with some quick thinking and a sly tongue, then try Intelligence or Charisma. Regardless of your preference, it's better to increase one or two stats above average while keeping the rest of your stats at ten or better than it is to increase one stat to superhuman levels by robbing your character of the ability to do anything but that one stat. A well-balanced character will generally be more successful than a specialist.

PLAYinGtHe CampaiGn

To play the campaign, choose Campaign from the Main Menu. The Book of Heroes Screen appears. Click on Create a New Hero, the helmet icon, then choose a race for your hero. A brief description of each of the twelve races, and the general statistics for strength, intelligence, dexterity, and charisma are included on the screen.


Your retinue consists of Generals, Allies, and high-level units that can be carried over to another scenario. The number of units you are able to have in your retinue depends on the Charisma of your hero. If a scenario allows players to start with units (see Unit Setup Points on page 15), a version of the Retinue Screen appears before the game begins. From this screen you can select members of your retinue and basic units for your race to start the skirmish with.

Character Creation

You need to select for your character the values of six ability scores Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. These values are normally generated with four six-sided dice, with the lowest die roll discarded, for a range of 3 to 18. For information on ability scores, see Ability Scores on pages 24.


Other Classes As people of the wild, barbarians are most comfortable in the company of rangers, druids and clerics who worship nature deities. Many barbarians admire the talents of bards and are enthusiastic about music. However, barbarians don't trust what they don't understand, which includes the practices of wizards. They are more tolerant toward sorcerers, perhaps because sorcerers are so charismatic. Barbarians have little in common with the practical, deliberate approach to combat that monks take, but these two classes are not necessarily hostile to one another. Barbarians have no special attitude toward fighters, paladins, clerics, or rogues.

Heroes And Levels

A command radius is an area of effect around heroes, which gives bonuses to friendly units. Some spell effects are limited to the hero's command radius, so attacking spells only cause harm to enemy units within this radius. The actual size of the ring can be viewed on the screen by pressing the R key. The size of the command radius depends on the hero's Charisma.


Class Features Lay on hands, turn undead at 3rd level, at 4th level paladins gain the ability to cast spells, adds Charisma modifier to AC, Immunity to all diseases, Smite Evil, and the ability to project an Aura of Courage (immunity to fear for himself and those close to him). Restrictions Paladins must be of lawful good alignment. Hit Die d10 (1-10 Hit Points per Level)

The Dialogue Window

The more charismatic the Leader, the better. - Vote There are three available sizes to the dialogue window a two-line size (small) which is the default in normal play and used to display system messages and game conditions, and a 15 (medium) and 25 (large) line size which are used when dialogue is being displayed. The two line and 15 line sizes may be expanded to the 25 line size during game play by L-clicking the small up button at the right side of the dialogue window or by hitting Page up or Page down. There is a scroll bar at the right of the dialogue window that may be used to scroll up or down in the dialogue queue. Dialogue uses a menu based system where you L-click on what you want to say from a list. What is available to be said varies according to the reaction adjustment and Charisma of the character who is speaking. When more text scrolls up in the window than can be read at once, or when dialogue is paused to give you a chance to read the text, you can L-click anywhere in...

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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