Finding a Minor Tribe

Remember our Warrior? The cursor is flashing under it again, indicating that it's once again ready for action. Our initial exploration (or starting point) revealed a village of huts to the northwest. This village, which the Warrior is now next to, is home to a minor tribe. Minor tribes are not rival civilizations (though some are home to barbarian raiders). They are small villages populated with people who might be inclined to help you.

We're about to make contact with this minor tribe. The results of such contact are unpredictable. It could result in a gift of knowledge or gold, the tribe might send their best warriors to form a military unit to help us, or the tribe might decide to join our civilization, either by ceding us their town or pulling up roots and forming a Settler. Of course, negative events are also possible; the village could be empty or populated by hostile barbarians.

We move the Warrior one square to the west, onto the hut, by pressing [4] on the numeric keypad. The result is good, but not great—we receive a gift of gold from the minor tribe. (A military unit would have speeded our exploration considerably.)

Support Note

This early in the game, you're still paying nothing to support your units.The first several units are free of maintenance costs. How many? That depends on a few factors, including your form of government and number of cities. However, once you've built enough units, you'll begin paying support from your treasury on each one over the limit.

If you're over the limit and you receive a unit from a minor tribe, you have to support it, just as you support all your units. One coin from your commerce income goes to the upkeep of the new unit each turn. If this makes your units (as a whole) too expensive, you might consider disbanding the least useful of them. (The concept of disbanding is explained later.) On the other hand, if you capture a unit, it comes free of charge.

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