Fortified Units

Units can be fortified on a square or garrisoned in a city.You can order a unit to stay in one place, usually for defensive purposes,by clicking the Fortify/Garrison order or pressing [F].The unit will stay where you've put it until you activate it or it is attacked.

Fortified and garrisoned units do not automatically become active. If you want them to move,you must activate them yourself. If the unit stands alone, just click on it to activate it. Otherwise, right-click on the square in which it stands (or the ship).This opens a box listing all the units in that square. Click the name of the unit you wish to activate. Fortified units within a city can be activated by right-clicking on the city or from within the City Display—see "City Display" in Chapter 15: Reference: Screen by Screen for instructions on how to do this.

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