Nod Units IMod Vehicles

Most Nod vehicles are built at the War Factory or Redeemer Engineering Facility.


Protecting infantry throughout the battlefield, the Reckoner APC can deploy into a bunker manually or automatically after taking significant damage. Upgrades: Dozer Blades

Abilities: Garrison Infantry. Deploy into Bunker_


Nod's Specter Stealth Artillery tank was designed as the ultimate evolution of the artillery-based guerilla warfare. Abilities: Bombard Beacon, Call for Transport

IMote—Does not stealth for Black Hand_


A massive combat mech equipped with shoulder-mounted garrison pods, an Obelisk-derived tri-part laser and a 'rage generator'. In Global Conquest Mode, Strike Forces with the Redeemer will increase the Unrest of nearby cities. Abilities: Rage Generator Upgrades: Garrison Infantry

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