Tactical Update Gameplaychanges

There have been a number of changes between Command &

Conquer Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge. In addition to the various patches released for Command & Conquer

Red Alert 2, there are additional changes new for this upgrade.

  1. On the Options tab in the Main Menu, changing the screen resolution of the game no longer affects the resolution of the menus. Menus always appear at a resolution of 800x600. Changes in resolution will take effect once gameplay starts.
  2. When in Observer Mode in multiplayer games, you can now see the statistics of the players in combat.
  3. In games at Westwood Online or a Local Area Network, you may now select your starting position. Additionally, you can now ally with other players before the start of the battle.
  4. Quick Match at Westwood Online gives you a chance to meet and play against other players. Select the "Quick Match" option in Westwood Online. This will attempt to match players of similar ranking, ping time (Internet connection latency to other players), location, resolution setting, and system specs.
  5. Official maps that have been modified are not transferred over Internet games.
  6. If a player disconnects three times in one game for a duration of more than 25 seconds each time, the game will end and be awarded to the non-disconnector after the third disconnection.
  7. Hospital Tech structures no longer require you to place your injured infantry units inside them to heal. When you capture a Hospital with an Engineer, all of your infantry units automatically begin healing regardless of their location on the map.
  8. All hero units, including Tanya, Boris, and Yuri Prime are immune to psychic control and cannot be crushed by vehicles, except by one special new unit, the Allied Battle Fortress (see the section on new Allied units).
  9. Cloning Vats allow the creation of a second hero unit (Tanya, Boris, Yuri Prime).
  10. Garrisoned units now gain levels of veterancy. However, you will not be alerted to their promotion until they exit or are forced out of the structure.
  11. If walls or other buildings block the exit of a Barracks, no unit is built, even if the owner has a Cloning Vats. The cost of the unit is refunded to the player.
  12. You are now able to see how many enemy units are contained within a garrisoned structure. Moving the cursor over a structure garrisoned by the enemy will show both the maximum space available in the structure as well as the number of units currently stationed inside.
  13. An IFV containing a Chrono Legionnaire no longer loses its target when selecting an enemy farther than its firing range. The unit moves into range and fires without losing focus.
  14. No other infantry units other than those with explosives can blow up buildings when joined to a Tanya command waypoint. No units can merge onto Planning Mode plans.
  15. Tanya no longer shoots vehicles with her weapon. When Tanya targets a vehicle, she plants a C4 charge on the vehicle and detonates it just as she does against buildings.
  16. Sending a Spy into an Allied Battle Lab grants the ability to create Chrono Commandos. Getting a Spy into a Soviet Battle Lab allows for the production of Chrono Ivans. Having a Spy enter Yuri's Battle Lab gains you the ability to produce Psychic Commandos.
  17. Navy SEALs are now an official Allied unit and are a part of the standard Allied arsenal.
  18. Because they are now a part of Yuri's army and arsenal, Soviet players no longer have access to the Psychic Radar, Cloning Vats, Yuri Clone, or Yuri Prime structures and units. See the section on new units and structures for the replacements in the Soviet arsenal.
  19. The Cloning Vats no longer allow for the recycling of infantry units. Additionally, mind-controlled units can no longer be sent to the Cloning Vats to allow for production of new infantry types. The Cloning Vats now only produce duplicates of infantry.
  20. All Psychic units and structures are capable of seeing through the disguise of the Allied Spy.

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