Allied Forces


The GI is the basic Allied infantry unit. Slow and capable of only light damage, GIs are nonetheless necessary because of their low cost and ability to set up sandbags around them like a bunker. Left-clicking on a selected GI unit or (D) will cause him to deploy into a heavy machine gun platform which offers increased range and power, but no ability to move. Left-clicking or (D) again undeploys the GI.


Although unarmed, the Engineer is a very useful unit. Surgical use of engineering teams can quickly turn the tide of battle. Note that when an engineer is used, the unit itself is lost. Engineers can be used to repair destroyed bridges (enter the bridge huts), steal enemy structures, repair your own structures or occupied civilian structures and capture neutral tech buildings. Engineers can also defuse Crazy Ivan bombs by targeting the affected unit or structure.


TP The Rocketeer is the aerial assault version of the simple Allied GI. Armed with " a powerful weapon and strapped into an equally powerful jet pack, the Rocketeer hovers over the battle field. Rocketeers are excellent in providing anti-air defense and air-to-ground attacks on weaker targets.

■■jP- The Spy is a stealth unit used by the Allied forces to gain an advantage over * ^ their foes. Rather than attacking enemy units, the Spy who targets an enemy changes his appearance to that of the enemy unit. This allows him to sneak past enemies and into enemy structures, providing substantial benefits. The Spy's function inside the enemy structure depends on which building he enters. Attack Dogs are never fooled by the Spy's disguise. Watch out for the Attack Dogs.

Enemy Barracks, your infantry units are created as veterans.

Enemy War Factories, your vehicles are created as veterans.

Enemy Refineries, he steals all of the money currently in that Refinery.

Enemy Power Plants, he temporarily shuts down the enemy power supply.

Enemy Battle Labs, he gains the ability to make a special infantry tech unit. This will appear on your Infantry Tab on the Command Bar.

Enemy Radar Domes, he resets the shroud for the enemy.

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