Create A Random

You can create a random map by clicking on the Create Random Map button. Here you will be able to determine the terrain type you wish to use, the time of day of the battle, the climate, the general size of the map, the availability of resources, and the number of players. If you have no preferences, clicking on the Surprise Me button will generate a completely random map. You can preview the map you have created with the Preview Map button.

LOAD MAP: Use a previously saved randomly created map.

SAVE MAP: If the random map you have created appeals to you, you can save it for future play. Saved random maps can be loaded and deleted from this menu as well.

DELETE MAP: Delete a map you've created.

USE MAP: Use the created map and return to the Choose Map menu.

PREVIEW MAP: Allows you to sneak a peek at the map you've created. A small version of the map will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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