Multiplayer Game Modes

Red Alert 2 comes jam packed with lots of battlefields to play on. Click on the Customize Battle button. This will take you to a new menu where you will be able to select not only a different map but also different Game Modes for your battle.

In the Game Modes menu, you will see the different types of games available to you. Because many maps are not available for particular game types, you will want to decide on which type of game you want to play before selecting a map. The game types are:

BATTLE: Any of the options on the Skirmish or Network map can be toggled on or off. Alliances and cooperative victories are supported. This is the default game. An "alliance" will allow you to team up with a friend against an enemy. You will not target that partner as an enemy and you'll also be able to see areas of the map he can see under the Shroud.

FREE FOR ALL: Identical to Battle, except that alliances are not allowed.

UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Each player starts with both an Allied and a Soviet MCV, and can build along either tech tree.

MEGAWEALTH: Players must capture Oil Derricks with Engineers to gain a steady inflow of cash. No Miners allowed!

LAND RUSH: Players begin in the middle of the battlefield with an MCV. Power-up crates are strewn around the maps and players must rush to set up their base to grab all the goodies. The Shroud begins completely removed.


MEAT GRINDER: This type of game forces players to rely on infantry and tanks. NAVAL WAR: Players battle on small islands.

COOPERATIVE: Allows you to play with a friend through a specially designed campaign.

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