Nhs And Structures

This British infantry unit is equipped with a special long-range rifle useful in

_ taking out enemy infantry units. Much better than regular GIs, the sniper gains tremendous range and power, killing off enemy infantry units with a single shot from well out of their range.


The special weapon in the Korean arsenal is the Black Eagle. Effectively, this aircraft is a stronger Harrier, offering increased ability to both take and dish out damage.


The Soviet Tesla Tank is a large ground vehicle that fires a Tesla charge instead of a ballistic weapon. This charge is effective against both units and structures.


The Cubans have developed the Terrorist unit to attack enemy bases. The Terrorist carries C4 charges taped to his body and kamikazes enemies, blowing them up quickly and efficiently.


The Libyan Demolition Truck is a suicide vehicle designed to create maximum mayhem and carnage in the enemy base. This truck carries a small nuclear charge. When the truck is attacked, the charge detonates, destroying everything in a wide radius.


Iraqi scientists have created the Desolator, a soldier that creates large areas

_ of scorched, impassable earth. When deployed, the Desolator uses a radiation cannon to irradiate the ground around him, making it completely impassable to both infantry and light vehicles. He wears a protective suit to keep him safe from the radiation. When the Desolator is killed or un-deployed, the ground he has poisoned will slowly return to normal.

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