Selling L And Repairing K

You can sell any building you own by using the Sell button located below the Radar display. Click on the Sell button, then click on the building you wish to sell. A portion of the credits used to create the building will be returned to you, and all benefits of owning that building are lost. While it is possible (and often beneficial) to sell enemy buildings captured by your Engineers, you cannot sell civilian buildings occupied by your troops. Your vehicles can only be repaired if you own a Service Depot. To repair a vehicle, select it and move your cursor over the Service Depot. The cursor will change into the "enter" cursor. Click to send the vehicle into the Depot. The vehicle will start being repaired immediately after arriving at the depot. Credits are deducted while the unit is repaired. Multiple units can be queued by sending all at once, and will be repaired one at a time. Once a unit has finished being repaired, it will exit the Service Depot automatically

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