Gdi structures classified

Tiberiurn Refinery:

The Refinery converts the Ha tester loads of Tiberiurn into credits for the player. It also stoies a certain amount of Tiberiurn, OncE a Refinery is full, Tiberiurn Silos must be cieated in order to store excess Tiberiurn, If there is no available storage capacity at a Refirery or Silos, excess Tiberiurn will be lost.


Electromagnetic (EMP) Puke Cannon:

The EMP Cannon can fire a high powered blast of electro-magnetic energy that renters any rrechanized vehicle inoperative for a short period. Any vehicle or structure caught in the blast is disabled until the effect wears off.

Firestorm Generator:

The Firestorm Generator creates an infinitely high force field. Once the generator is constructed, special Firestorm Wall Sections must be placed on the perimeter of an area to be defended, just like a wall. When activated, the force field that results from these emitters is impenetrable. The Firestorm Generator consurres massive amounts of power. Therefore, it can only be active for a short period before it needs to recharge. The shield can be turned on and off at will.

Firestorm Wall Sections:

Used in conjunction with the Firestorm Gererator, these emitters are placed like a wall and control the placement of the Firestorm Defense Shield, These emitters can te used to complete^ encircle a base or can te used at key defensive positions.

Radar Installation:

A Radar Installation allows commanders to view the battlefield and the relative locations of friendly and enemy units. In order for the radar view to remain active, the Radar Installation must be constantly powered.

Ion Cannon:

The Ion Cannon is an upgrade to a GDI Upgrade Center that allows targeting control of GDI's orbital ion cannon weapon. Without this control the ion cannon cannot be used.

Seeker Control:

Seeker Control:

This upgrade to a GDI Upgrade Center allows two-way communication with a Hunter Seeter Droid, allowing it to acquire eremy targets. This upgrade is required in order to build Hunter Seeker Droids, u

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