Umeptn they number in their tribaldwelling; hidden cteep beneath the Titerium ridden-terrain. They are a fierce warrior peopb who can defeat most Nod and GDI soldiers in combat

The Forotten are fed by a venerable warrior narrad Tratos. He has assurred responsibility for hi? peopb for many years, offering them acceptance, tome ard community wtee orce they ted rone.

Tratos is p bg ued by visio ns of the death of tte p fe net an a ben Armageddon that haunts his drears, to was the first to know the secret that Kane r rot only abve butano heir to almost unlimited pov«er through use of tlie Tacitus. Tte fecitu> was orne prote:ted and studéd by the Forgotten in hopes that through it they couti fird a cue for their Titerium mutation. Tratos was trie ted into tra re lating the fecit for Kane and row must bve with tte knowfedge that he has betrayed his planet and the human rare.

Tratos surrounck himself with a cadre of tte finest Fogotten warriors. Foremost amongst these v the beautiful and ferce Umagon, a particular favorite of the oti chiaf. Umagon is ferrous even among Nod and GDI military personnel for ter errrarteble strength as a warrior. A beautiful 'Shiner" (slang t»r mutant), Umagon has been termirally exposed to Tiberium and one day will no bngar resembfe a human being. Today, though, ste seer« only made rrore beautiful by the Tiberium crystals that glitter on her marred fee.

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