HftTtle AettetlT

Three major military fe:tons increasingly affect the state of world ebtions:

GDI FORCES continue to fight t«r world orter - as däfired by United Nations Global te fense Initiative Dire:tive 311$.

THE BROTH ER HCOD OF NOD has broten into several distinct Actions after the loss of Kane in the fast Tiberium War. The various feeders of these factions have tréd to reunite the Brotherhood under their control but of yet have been unsuccessful. The fragmented command strixture of the Brotherhood males them unpredictably and especially dangerous.

THE FORGOTTEN, or Mutants, have begun to shift the babnce of global co m bat. A tribal community composed of victims of extreme Tiberium poisoning, the Forgotten are vie»us warrórs. Abandoned by both GDI and Nod, the Forgotten trust ro one ard ae extremely dang*dus.

THE RETURN OF KANE In a ecerit communiqu£, Kane himself made contact with top GDI offVrials. Additional testing has revea fed that the message fem Kare is indeed authentic. Howevet the tests have eveafed a minor anomaly that has been determined to te some sort of image enhancement. Mate ro mistake though - KANE IS BACK.

toys after fustcontact Kane bunched ht> initial blitekrieg. He now appears to te operating from a conceated subterranean tese with awesome strength and unknown personnel

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