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To repair damaged vehicle? or infantiy with tte Mobile Repair Vehicle or Medic, select the Mobile Repair Ve hic le or Madic and pbce the cursorover a damaged unit Thecursorchangss toa wrench for the repair tôt or a red cross for tte rrédic. Repairing units in this waydoes rot costcrédits.


Ctoosing the Optons mode stops ail tte y.ton on the battleffeld while you adjust your vrœl aud» and game cont/ofc. Note that in multipky, the game cbes not pouse white you change settings • you rerrain vulnérable to enemy attacld


Setectload Mission frorn the Optons menuifyou wantto play a prevbustysaved mission.

LOUD MISSION MENU Left-c fc ko n the u p o r <to wn a rrow to se ro U. th ro ugh yo u r saved garnes. ïïien leftcbckon "lOMT to bed the setected game.

If you m h to leave this screen without bading a qame, left-cbckon CANCEL.

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