Journal Entry

"1 am the current leader of the Swanmays, since 'Kith and'Belinda disappeared on the Cjreal Cj lacier, 'We need someone to infiltrate the 'Med'Wizard's 'Tower and we heard that 'Dracandros wets footing for a party bearing those symbols on your arms.

"'Dracandros has gathered afl the 'Black, Dragons in the area to his tower. 'We need to get a special piece of one of them. If you accept our markgou wifl be eligible for a share of our reward. 1 have inf luence with several families that are guarding these caves, so I can gel you to the tower. Once there, we -would be most happy if you could get us a part of a dragon's heart, or, at least get them to leave the tower."

The centaurs recently had a brush with spiders and'Thri-kreen. 'These monsters were heading north, apparently on a treasure hunting expedition. 'They were probably headed for (Myth Drannor. 'The 'Ihri-kreen can avoid arrows and their phase spiders are unhittable after they strike.

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