Fifth Level Magicuser Spells

Cloudkill creates a cloud of vapor which instantly kills creatures with 4 or fewer hit dice. Creatures with 4+1 to 5+1 hit dice must save versus poison at -4 or die. Creatures with up to 6 hit dice must save versus poison or die.

Cone of cold does 1 d4+1 HP per level of the caster to all targets in a cone shaped area. If the target makes its saving throw the damage is halved.

Feeblemind reduces the target's intelligence and wisdom to 3 so that the target cannot cast spells. The saving throw of a human magic-user is reduced by 4, the saving throw of a human cleric is improved by I, and the saving throw of non-human characters is reduced by 2. A feeblemind may only be removed by a heal spell from a temple.

Hold monster paralyzes up to 4 targets. It will work on any living creature.

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